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  • JJS

    You e-mailed during a near or actual riot?!!! Uh, what about 911?? What about simply calling 875 6811 enough to connect with someone in command. The public must be a effective partner with police to safeguard our community. Want safety? well then there are no civilians in this fight….

  • AEB

    (Whenever there’s an apparent threat from “outsiders,” expect Jeffrey’s antennae to begin to twitch in accord with certain longstanding, er, opinions….)

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, another Wednesday, another old postcard from past years!

    Here’s the Hotel Pierrepont on the street of the same name:

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s another view of Pierrepont Street, from before the Hotel Pierrepont was built. It dwarfed the building next door, which dominates in this postcard:

  • Bornhere

    According to the NYDN:

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting that it started with a roller-skating discount on Pier 2. I noticed today a lot of police vehicles roaming the park and two stationed on that pier.

    Joralemon Street late this afternoon was a bit of a s–t-show, with packs of aggressive teens walking four across, wild-eyed women barking into their phones, and several people blowing cigarette smoke as they headed into the “Medical Arts” building, presumably for smoking-related illnesses. I’m going back to Remsen St. when I have to walk east or west.

  • Grace Courter

    What’s moving into the old Banana Republic?

  • Reggie

    A junta?

  • Arch Stanton

    This just in:
    UFC to take over supervising activities at BBP Pier 2…

  • gc

    Anyone know why we’ve had a helicopter overhead most of the morning?

  • Bob Grobe
  • Jorale-man

    Another medical clinic, according to the city papers posted out front.

  • Arch Stanton

    I think Montague Street has hit an all time low…

  • Jorale-man

    It’s awful. Such a shame to see that happen to that nice old building of all of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they install a drop ceiling and cover over the windows too.

  • Bornhere

    Ever since the “Harry’s event,” which I caught the end of, I’ve been taking the Lex to work in the morning and the R home at night. I’ve lived in the Heights all my life, and on the corner of Henry and Joralemon for the last 34 years. Fun times.

  • Ethan Allen

    There are 3 air units physically vibrating my entire building from 8 am on…this on good Friday!!! How obnoxious!! Who needs units over Atlantic Ave for an event at the Bklyn Bridge. The noise and disruption went on till like 12:30. Everyone preparing or leaving for services on Christianity’s most solemn day had to endure a near war zone atmosphere. Is that reasonable? How exactly is severely disrupting people on State streethat should be a day of quiet contimplation and prayer make us safer?

  • Banet
  • Jorale-man

    Wow, let’s see if the BHB reports on this…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Just found out Ricky’s got priced out by the rent and are leaving now.

  • Pierrepont

    Anyone else really enjoying the fire alarm testing in the Brooklyn Law dorm at the corner of Pierrepont Street and Pierrepont Place? 🙄

  • redlola

    why is it ok to call out people for not wanting to be threatened, but not okay to call out those acting in a threatening manner. park or otherwise, the goal should be to enjoy public spaces in a way that doesn’t infringe on the rights and safety of others in those spaces or surrounding communities. the tendency to vilify the wrong people by some in this blog to simply check some box for themselves is surreal.

  • redlola

    why would we need such a huge clinic. they’ll probably put a methadone center in there. par for the course here these days.