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  • AEB

    So what’s going on with the rectory of the “Assumption” RC church (which, by the way, gets a five-star rating from Google–the church, not the rectory)?

    It appears to be undergoing renovations of some sort. Then again, it could be undergoing a condo-conversion. This is the place on Middagh. Hmmm?

  • AEB

    Question #2

    So what is going on with the fire hydrant on the south side of Middagh between Henry and Hicks, in front of Nabeguy’s once-house?

    It’s been haphazardly, which is to say partially, painted red, white and blue. Sudden patriotic fervor from the new owners of said house? A new kind of patriotic graffiti? Hmmm?

  • KaraBK

    Anyone have insight as to what is going on at Bossert hotel? Work seems stagnant and there appears to be people living there. Lights on and movement in many windows at all hours of the night (can see from my apartment) and overheard a worker referring to people living there as well. Will it ever open?

  • Claude Scales

    The people living there have been tenants since before the Jehovah’s Witnesses bought the Bossert. Because they met certain qualifications concerning age and perhaps lease status (I’m not knowledgeable concerning the specifics) they were allowed to remain as holdover tenants. This requirement also applied to the current owner who is developing the property as a hotel.

  • KaraBK

    Wow! Very interesting. Thank you!

  • MaggieO

    from DOB records it looks like they’re putting in an elevator and doing some interior renovations… worth 1.5 million, definitely wouldn’t be enough to convert to multiple units and the permit info clearly states “no change to occupancy or use”

  • AEB

    Thanks, MaggieO.

  • Peter Loibl

    Any good weekend breakfast/brunch recommendations in/near the neighborhood? Colonie is my go-to, but want to mix it up. Al Mar is solid, but didn’t love Friend of a Farmer. Any standouts that I may be missing?

  • DIBS

    We always liked Sociale and Chez Moi

  • Jane

    The parish has partnered up with the Oratory in downtown brooklyn. The priests from over there (6-8?) will be moving into the under utilized Middagh building after it’s been cleaned up a bit and reconfigured from individual suites (bedroom, bath, study) to single rooms with common areas. The Oratory is a very popular church, with a strong community. Assumption had just a single priest who was hoping to retire.

  • Banet

    Agreed Friend of a Farmer can be very hit or miss. I expect that it might be a nice place for eating outside on their back deck or out front when the weather gets nice but that comes at the risk of even more uneven service.

    If you like Colonie, you’ll probably like Atrium down in Dumbo. It used to be owned by the Colonie folks before they got flooded out by Sandy. It still feels a LOT like Colonie, both in the decor (plant wall) and menu (though my wife and I think the menu at Atrium is slightly lighter at Atrium).

  • Peter Loibl

    Yes! Forgot about Atrium, thanks for the reminder Banet. That might be a winner this weekend!

  • Peter Loibl

    Really enjoy Sociale, they do a “proper” Carnonara which is truly enjoyable. Have been meaning to try Chez Moi … worth the stroll up to Atlantic?

  • William

    I really like Chez Moi and Iris Cafe has a nice, simple brunch too.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    If you’re into this sort of thing, Superfine in Dumbo (on Front Street directly under the Manhattan Bridge) has live music during Sunday brunch, a tasty breakfast burrito, and a formidable bloody mary. Also the pool table is free.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t been in a couple years so things might have changed in the intervening time.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Colonie and Atrium have similar concepts but Colonie executes it much better.

  • redlola

    <3 chez moi

  • redlola

    i liked both. atrium has some unique items

  • francesco

    Thank you Sir !

  • Andrew Porter

    And it was covered here on the BHB, which I already posted a few weeks ago.

  • Andrew Porter

    The 9th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival will be held at St. Ann’s Church on the weekend of April 28-30. I’ve already bought my ticket to all three days.

    Info here:

  • Arch Stanton

    I think I’m done with Friend of a Farmer, too many misses, for the prices they charge it should be a hit every time.

  • Greg
  • Andrew Porter

    Hey boys and girls, here’s this week’s Olde Brooklyn Postcard, which shows Fulton Street, the elevated train in the foreground, Borough Hall, the buildings of Court Street and much much more:

  • Dalvec

    Fantastic! Hopefully less foot traffic on Joralemon now.

  • Banet

    Yikes. A friend just got the below letter from PS8:


    We currently are over-enrolled by 24 students beyond the 125 seats slated for Kindergarten.

    With that number, we are not likely to get to wait-listed families, if at all.

    If we get close to being able to accept students from the wait list, we will reach out to you.

    Thank you,


  • Peter Loibl

    Thanks again for the Atrium recommendation, it was delightful. Indulged on chicken & waffles, avocado crostinis and warm cinnamon doughnuts. Great spot!

  • You Know Who

    You should consider the much better route of home schooling. At this point, thousands of parents have wisely protected their children from the chaos and downward spiral of today’s, and especially NYC, “educational” instutions.

  • DIBS

    Home schooling is only as good as the parents themselves. It’s not for everyone.

  • Bob Grobe

    About that low-flying plane you heard last night…this summer…

    Notify NYT—Notification issued 4/9/17 at 3:00 PM. On Monday, April 10, a low-flying Cessna 208 aircraft will begin conducting laser mapping of the NYC shoreline in all five boroughs. The aircraft will be flying at an altitude of approximately 1,475 feet and will be using a laser to measure erosion. This work will continue nightly from 1AM to 6AM through August 2017