Montague Street Open Again

The hole opened to fix the water main break has been filled, and Montague Street between Clinton and Henry is once again open to vehicular traffic.

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  • Ernie

    About 10:30 last night I called 311 to report a small stream of water was flowing across Montague Street just by Clinton Street.

  • Justine Swartz

    The excavated pit, between Court and Clinton St. on Montague: there is Pile Driving banging, Vibrations rocking the Earth. A few feet away are buried pitted 130 year old rusted water-main pipes. Shake, rattle and roll, March 2, 2017 traveling vibrations burst the
    water main half a block away from the Pile Driver.
    Smelly brown water,
    cracking open the asphalt gutter, erupting, flooding Tony Brooklyn Heights. Pedestrians slosh and grimace.
    Court Street Station Subway Officers are boot deep in the fragrant river.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I enjoyed reading this poem of yours.

  • DIBS


  • Eddyde

    Very creative description but you have no proof that the pile driving caused the break. The water mains are indeed old but the most common reason they break is changes in ground temperature.

  • Justine Swartz

    Extreme fluctuations of temperatures are one of the contributing factors.