Water Main Break Floods Montague Street, Businesses, and R/N Subway Line

Update: According to the MTA website, service has been restored on the R/N line at Court Street. A water main break below Montague Street between Clinton and Henry streets late today flooded several ground floor level businesses and the Court Street subway station, served by the R and (late night) N trains. It caused interruption of water service along the affected block of Montague Street, and its closure to traffic.. This is a developing story; we will update as more information concerning restoration of water and subway service and the affected businesses becomes available.

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  • Justine Swartz

    I asked the workman,”Why did the waterpipe break?”
    He said, “It is a 130 year old pipe.”
    Brooklyn Heights is honeycombed with ancient wornout pipes.
    Brooklyn Heights is experiencing a Construction Boom.
    Vibrations from pile driving is felt for miles.
    The original pipes, in New York’s First Suburb, carrying raw sewage were made out of ceramic and clay. I was unable to find the schematic diagram of where these pipes are located. Perhaps one of the geniuses who read the Blog ???

  • Bob Grobe

    The website NYCityMap shows five “combined sewer overflow outfalls” along the harbor at the western edge of Brooklyn Heights at Atlantic, Joralemon, Montague, Orange and Old Fulton.

    Map: http://maps.nyc.gov/doitt/nycitymap/

    In the “water quality” section choose “combined sewer overflow outfall”


    Brooklyn Heights, like most of NYC, has combined sewers; they are OLD and it will take NYC decades to replace all of them. I believe the nearest priority area is around Gowanus.

    NYC sewer type map: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/pdf/green_infrastructure/sewer_drainage_area_types_map.pdf

  • Andrew Porter

    Years ago, when they were excavating on my street in the north Heights, I found a wooden pipe, which I donated to the BHS.