Fireworks Tomorrow Night

Update: I was wrong. Tonight’s fireworks are on, too. Right on schedule. Tomorrow evening (Friday, October 28) starting at approximately 11:20 there will be a fireworks display. It will be launched from a barge near Liberty Island, and should be easily seen (and heard) here in Brooklyn Heights. The NYC Fireworks Displays site lists the sponsor of the event as “N/A”. The City site lists two displays; one this evening (Thursday, October 27) and the other tomorrow. However, Notify NYC has notified us only of the one tomorrow. Perhaps tonight’s has been cancelled because of weather.

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  • Bongo

    I’m sure that one way or another, the money that paid for this transgression of city ordinance is going to a good cause. LOL. ROFL. etc. etc.

  • SongBirdNYC

    It’s for the 130th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

  • Bongo

    Well, that is a good reason for celebration. Still strikes me as an odd time for fireworks though.

  • Andrew Porter

    Didn’t hear a thing; another ad for the wonders of double-glazed windows!