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  • Roberto

    With all of the building and development in our area of Brooklyn, is our infrastructure really lagging behind?

  • Jane

    For those in North Heights who have a new polling site (10 Clinton St.) on Nov. 8th, when is the Board of Elections sending out this info?

  • CassieVonMontague

    Seconded. The Board of Elections announced the new polling site weeks ago, where’s the mailer?

    They probably had to wait until after the primary to avoid confusion because the site for the primary didn’t change, but they better send out new info soon.

  • MaryT

    Did anyone see the ATV incident at Hicks and Old Fulton on Saturday? Cops assaulted by idiot, adult riders.

    @Claude – Sweet tweet-tweet!

  • Boerum Bill

    Only the things that actually matter: foot bridges, transpo, Brooklyn Bridge, parking garages, street parking swallowed up by CitiBike, etc.

  • Michael

    Does anyone know what the very loud noise was that was coming out of the pier house on sunday? It sounded like a jet engine.

  • CassieVonMontague

    It’s just a matter of time before the BQE starts crumbling below Brooklyn Heights. It’s 30 years overdue for a refurbishment, which will have to wait for at least 5 years.

  • Concerned

    No. But I saw some jerk on a purple/white motorcycle ride up on the sidewalk on Hicks between Clark and Pineapple the other day to get around a school bus. The motorcycle had cursive script that said “The Chop Shop”. The rider was dark skinned with tattoos on his forearms. A guy who I saw had to get out of the way, called the cops on him.

  • CassieVonMontague

    It’s the Cranberry Tunnel Ventilation Fan. It’s always been there, but now the Pierhouse bounces the sound back toward Columbia Heights. It’s awful.

  • MaryT

    Wow. This needs to be fixed, stat. Has the Eagle run a story yet? Call Mary Frost. Even more reason for not building the damn thing. Where are their engineers?

  • Greg

    I think you mean parking *extended* by Citibike. Those stations get way more usage by way more people than one or two car spaces ever could.

    And I say this as someone who just had to figure out where to keep my car in the neighborhood.

  • bpelle

    Maybe another berm. We can keep a herd of goats fed.

  • Reggie


  • Concerned

    No Luke. I am not your father.

  • CookieGuggleman

    I often feel uneasy walking underneath it when crossing Furman St to BBP.

  • Banet

    Greg, you have a car??!?

  • Banet

    I agree with what Greg said. There are so few parking spaces lost to Citibike compared to its utility. Citibike is probably the single best improvement to NYC in the 19 years NYC has been my home. And I say that as a car owner.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks, Mary.

  • gc

    Where are the goats from the original berm???

  • MaryT

    I think they ate and ran. Baa-baa.

  • Mark

    You have to ask that when the barbecue pits are about 100 feet from where the goats were?

  • Greg

    Yep… Why?

  • DIBS

    Barbacoa tacos

  • Banet

    I was just surprised to hear that you own a car because you’re such an excellent advocate for cycling both here and on the Streetsblog comments. It’s always nice to hear strong cycling infrastructure support from a fellow car owner.

  • DIBS

    I deleted my comment on shaming after I saw your subsequent comment that you too owned one. My bad.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s lagging behind across the country. Just travel to other modern, industrialized countries and one sees the difference – in roads, tunnels, bridges, public transportation. The subway stations in our neighborhood are a sorry example of this underfunding and lack of political will.

  • DIBS

    Don’t forget the myriad regulations.

  • Banet

    No worries. :-)

  • wally o’keefe

    Goat Roti.

  • Greg

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Banet.

    As I’m sure you understand, the real issue is livable communities. All forms of transportation have their place in that – the challenge is figuring out the fairest and healthiest balance among them.