Loud Party Noise Assaulting Brooklyn Heights from Across East River

That bright blue light in the center of the photo, which your correspondent took from the roof of his building, appears to be the source of the amazingly loud party noise pounding the Heights this (Thursday) evening. As best I can determine this is the Watermark Bar, located on Pier 15, which is also a dock for Hornblower Cruises NYC.

I tried to phone Watermark–212-742-8200–and after many rings got a message that no one was available to take a call. I’ve submitted an on-line 311 report.

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  • StoptheChop

    weren’t there problems with this place last year?

  • Liz

    It’s been going on all summer. I hear their music in Brooklyn almost weekly, weekend evenings. I’ve contacted the bar about the issue a month ago.

    If you called 311 and have a complaint number or email, please send it to Daniel Squadron’s office. I contacted him as well and he’s investigating the matter.

  • AbeLincoln

    wait, what? Its a nuisance if you live on the prominade. If so.. cry me an (east) river.

  • B.

    The old error, that amplification is artistry. A lot of inadequate musicians out there.

  • Ernie

    And again tonight. Just called 311

  • Barbara

    have sent article to Senator Squadron’s office who are always helpful with noise complaint matters

  • Hicks Street

    Just seeing this and glad others are on it. Several weeks ago I called 311 thinking it was a party boat and they said there was nothing they could do because there is no “street” address.