Loud Party Noise Assaulting Brooklyn Heights from Across East River

That bright blue light in the center of the photo, which your correspondent took from the roof of his building, appears to be the source of the amazingly loud party noise pounding the Heights this (Thursday) evening. As best I can determine this is the Watermark Bar, located on Pier 15, which is also a dock for Hornblower Cruises NYC.

I tried to phone Watermark–212-742-8200–and after many rings got a message that no one was available to take a call. I’ve submitted an on-line 311 report.

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  • petercow


  • HeightsGuys

    It’s beyond a nuisance! It’s worse than the helicopters were.
    Who do you suggest we speak with so that this issue is addressed quickly?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    I’ve submitted an on-line 311 report.

  • ME

    I called 311 to lodge a complaint.

  • Tim_N

    11:15 and still going strong.

  • petercow


  • Jenny

    According to my 311 report, it’s a boat ride from South Street Seaport and they have a permit until midnight.

  • Jenny

    I called 311 again and they said I would have to lodge a complaint through the EPA and they don’t respond to complaints via police precincts, so nothing could be done tonight. It is now 12:19am.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    It seems very stationary for a boat ride. I could see a boat, presumably one of Hornblower’s, docked at Pier 15. Perhaps the party was on the boat instead of the Watermark Bar, but the boat never left the dock.

    I’m dismayed to think South Street Seaport had anything to do with this; I’m a maritime history buff and have been a supporter and fan of theirs for years. I shall make inquiries.

  • SongBirdNYC

    Squadron’s office could be of help. Let me know if you need Robbie Young’s info.

  • Bob

    As have I. Everyone reading this should.

  • CHatter

    Went on until 2 in the am. The music was bad enough, but the screaming DJ was infuriating. I called 311 twice.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    That was from across the river???? It felt like it was coming from across the street. Wow.

  • Tim_N

    I also filed a 311. Got the same result… Permit until midnight. Sounds like they went far beyond that. Initially I thought it was coming from the park (they have events on Thursdays), but it was much louder than the usual park events, and they usually knock off at ten.

  • spm57

    It is the Watermark Bar and they have DJ events scheduled through September from Thursdays- Saturdays. There is a decibel rule in NYC and this place is definitely in violation. I contacted 311, made a complaint and let them know about future schedule. They’ll refer it to the NYPD as a non-emergency but will be checked within the next 8 hours. I agree with the suggestion that all who hear it, complain, and if nothing is done in the next day or so, then go to Senator Squadron.

  • MaryT

    We also had a very bad chemical smell in our building, which was coming from outside. Them?

    BTW – I was at a Pier 15 River to River event last year while a cruise ship was unloading passengers. Disco-techno nightmare at 120+ dBs. WTF? Maybe we need a berm around our entire neighborhood. The EPA is unresponsive.. pass the buck.

  • MaryT

    I found this DEP summary online:

    “,,Commercial establishments that play music must limit the level of unreasonable or disturbing noise that escapes into the streets or is heard in nearby residences by requiring that sounds levels may not exceed:

    • 42 decibels as measured from inside nearby residences,


    • 7 decibels over the ambient sound level, as measured on a street or public right-of-way 15 feet or more from the source, between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am

    Sometimes residents are disturbed by pervasive bass sounds that resonate and can be felt physically by a person.

    • Bass sounds measurements are weighted in the “C” scale and may not exceed 6 dB(C) above the ambient sound if the ambient sound is greater than 62 dB(C)…”

    So the law is clear, but no one is responsible for enforcing it?

  • MaryT

    That’s DEP, doh.

  • StoptheChop

    I’d go to Levin, Chin (the CM for that location), Gale Brewer, Tish James before Squadron– this is a city issue.

  • StoptheChop

    I think the CouncilMembers (Levin and Chin), and Gale Brewer/Tish James could be more helpful since this is a city issue.

  • StoptheChop

    Levin, Margaret Chin, Manhattan community board 1, gale brewer, tish james

  • petercow

    I spoke with Robert Young of Senator Squadron’s office. If you opened a 311 complaint, please forward the email that you got from the city to him:


    FWIW, mine was closed with this:

    The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition.
    LAST UPDATED ON: 09/02/2016 2:53:33 AM

  • Andrew Porter

    Technically, I suspect a neighborhood across a wide river can’t be considered “nearby residences.” But a bunch of people contacting their representatives would be better.

  • Robert Perris

    I wasn’t going to say anything but since recommendations continue about who to contact, please be advised that Squadron’s office has taken the lead and is working with Manhattan Community Board 1 and Brooklyn Community Board 2. We have conducted extensive fact-finding and have moved on to addressing the issue on a go-forward basis.

  • Bob

    Thank you – do you know if it’s correct that it was the Watermark Bar?

    Assuming so, I (and I hope all of you) will continue flagging them to 311/cops if it happens again.

    78 South St


  • Philippe Rohdewald

    I took decibel meter readings at about 11pm and took video of it, if of interest to anyone. On the corner of Clark and Columbia the needle peaked at 50db while it went up to 60db on the promenade depending on wind conditions also, generally with the dj screaming. My wife also walked over to the Watermark Bar hours earlier and complained. they pretended never having gotten complaints before.

  • Bob

    I would like to find that “DJ” and punch him in the throat.

  • Robert Perris

    Robert Young in Senator Squadron’s office has confirmed that the noise came from Watermark.

  • MaryT

    Probably true but – even more egregious at a mile away. Yes, we’re contacting ours.

  • Elizabeth Rohewald

    The music came from the Watermark Bar last night, confirmed it myself. I went to the establishment during the event at 9PM and told the manager we could hear their music in Brooklyn. They promised to turn it down but didn’t.

    The bar manager in charge of music is Ilina Munteanu ilinca@watermarkny.com The owner is Abraham Merchant: AbrahamMerchant@merchantsny.com

    In addition to senator Squadron, the bar has a Facebook page, Yelp, website: http://watermarkny.com