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  • redlola

    anyone have a solid lead on what’s going to go into the Banana Republic space? On a separate note, any recos on really good, reliable and reasonable licensed contractors for bathroom and kitchen remodel? thanks!

  • KBells40

    While I enjoy cursing them out as they nearly clip me, anyone else tired of cars barreling onto Clark as they turn left from Cadman when pedestrians have the light to cross? Outside of calling 311, what are the avenues to getting some resolution, perhaps with a left turn arrow and a delayed crossing signal?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    A left turn arrow there is a great idea. As it is right now, left-turning cars and pedestrians crossing Clark have to compete for the same very limited window when that light is green. I have no idea who decides where to install new traffic signals though, I assume it would begin with a petition to the DOT or something like that.

  • gc

    I think the Montague corner is a bit different than what is being proposed for Clark and Cadman. At Montague and Cadman the cars are making right turns which at most other corners allows the pedestrians to cross and have the right of way. I’ve always been a bit confused by the odd way it’s set up at Montague and Cadman. It seems a bit dangerous since it’s so out of the ordinary. The proposal for Clark seems like a very sensible idea.

  • MonroeOrange

    The issue with this corner, are that the bushes planted on the median block the drivers full view, so many cars are so preoccupied trying to see if there are any oncoming cars, that by the time they look into the crosswalk, they are already making their turn….granted these are poor drivers only…most people who know how to drive check the crosswalk before making the turn.

  • MaryT

    I agree. There’s been an uptick in reckless and rude walking, biking and driving behaviors at Cadman and Clark. It’s a tricky corner. A wide divided street going into a narrower street, with a slight incline on Cadman starting at Tillary. Visibility is not great and drivers are more impatient (HONK!). It’s only getting busier, so traffic control there needs reviewing.

  • Heights

    Anyone else get mailing from Board of Elections regarding Cadman Plaza library still being a polling place in September and November?

  • KBells40


  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    those are my favorite flowers!! Lantana confetti. Does anyone know if they will grow indoors?

  • Robert Perris

    The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) has informed me that it explicitly arranged with the Board of Elections (BOE) for 280 Cadman Plaza West to NOT be a polling place. The BOE has confirmed that is not a polling place and no mail should have gone out to that effect. Heights and KBells40 (and anyone else for that matter), can you take a photo of the mailing and email it to me at BPL and I will follow up. Thanks.

  • Diesel

    Agreed the intersection is a nightmare. As MO states below, the bushes on the median are the main problem. A turn only signal would be the best solution. Perhaps we should badger Mr. Squadron for some action.

  • wgc

    Today just received a postcard advising that my polling place has changed to 283 Adams St. Good deal less convenient than previous. With the choices we get not sure I’ll bother, which may well be what the powers that be are trying to accomplish.

  • Concerned

    I agree. But another problem is the speed with which oncoming traffic is moving. The speed of the oncoming traffic along with the bushes makes for a dangerous combination.

  • Arch Stanton

    You’re actually going to vote?

  • MaryT

    Indeed the bushes made it worse. I seem to remember, before they were planted, that visibility was still a bit tricky. In any case, no question that a thorough review is needed now.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Yes, but with regard to Montague and Court I was mostly remarking on the sense of entitlement to cross against walk signals many pedestrians seem to exude. When my kid got to be old enough to notice these signals I sort of accidentally trained myself to abide by them very closely, and have since become more sensitive (as a motorist) to when pedestrians delay traffic by jay-walking.

  • Brad Manier

    National Grid hired the contractor Hallen to lay new gas pipes on Monroe Place. Hallen’s saw horses have been left behind by the dozens weeks ago. And work is still not complete. Another National Grid contractor came in to pour new concrete on certain sections of the sidewalks. The color is as white as chalk. Most of us have to abide by Landmarks — which makes sense if you’re trying to maintain an historic district (blue stone, etc) — but National Grid and its hirelings seems to play be other rules. How do we hold these folks accountable?

  • Reggie

    Unlike Dumbo and Vinegar Hill, the streets in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District are probably not designated as landmarks.

  • William

    Probably not, lantana originates from the tropics, so it thrives in full bright sunlight. I grew them outside in my window boxes, which get 5 hours of full sun and they got spindly and had few flowers.

  • Heights Observer

    Not true, the sidewalks are protected in the Heights. As a former co-op president in the Heights District, when we had to replace our sidewalk, I had to file with NYC Landmarks for approval AND agree to tint the concrete grey. Grey slate must also be maintained. Not everyone abides by the rules and that is why you see so many lighter sidewalks with light concrete, but protected they are.

  • Reggie

    Read Brad’s comment too quickly as work in the street and responded accordingly. Brad, LPC would welcome your completing the following form and returning it by mail. (Yes, mail.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Unfortunately, not great news on that front. That beautiful building with great potential will only serve as a store selling Halloween costumes. I assume they will be on their way after October 31st. I was personally hoping for a more permanent occupant. It is what it is. Ugh.

  • Heights

    Of course I’m going to vote. Always do. Not much of a choice this year, but I will still do my part. I received a postcard today advising of new polling place.

  • Joe Dudas

    Montague remains a *tough* street for retail. So much foot traffic; so little longevity.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I love how difficult it is to find information about what’s going to be on the ballot other than the presidential election (we get to choose between the hate-mongering anti-intellectual bully and the duplicitous corporatocratic political opportunist; yet by abstaining from making this decision neither candidate gets the message that the choices are both rotten). Meanwhile, our beloved Democracy sure works beautifully when would-be voters are kept in the dark about their options for local elections and issues.

  • Andrew Porter

    Maybe it could go back to being a Burger King!

  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday I was honked at by a turning car with NY plates as I walked, with the light, coming back from Trader Joe’s. I yelled at them. Kind of a Tiananmen Square moment, except they weren’t driving a tank.

  • Andrew Porter

    National Grid is now owned by a British company and might be laying the ground for Brooxit—Brooklyn exiting NYC…

  • Andrew Porter

    I was away for a while, at the World SF Convention in Kansas City (where, btw, they just had another of those extreme weather events, with 7″ of rain inundating the city) and just noticed that the sidewalk shed and scaffolding on the converted church at the corner of Remsen and Clinton has been removed.

    Now, to get the sidewalk shed at St. Ann’s Church (whose sign still has Pataki as Governor) down…

  • Jorale-man

    Today I saw 3 different tour groups roaming the promenade, led by tour guides with headset microphones and loudspeakers. One guide was pushing his guests to take a helicopter tour for a better view of the area. Another had a stick with a name on top to keep his group in line.

    Maybe these groups are nothing new around here but it seems like the Promenade is fast becoming the next Times Square or Statue of Liberty.