Video of 65 Year Old Man Assaulted on Joralemon Street July 6

(To see video, click on “Read full story” and follow the link. Also see update for an interview with the victim.) Several news media have obtained a surveillance video of a 65 year old man receiving a “sucker punch” as he walked along Joralemon Street on the evening of July 6. The victim’s eyeglasses were broken and he was treated at a hospital for an eye laceration. See the video here.

Update: Mary Frost’s Eagle story includes an interview with the victim, Joralemon Street resident Richard Carey.

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  • Jorale-man

    Horrible thing to happen to this man but such is the new Joralemon Street, it seems.

    A big media event this morning on the street – news vans from NBC, Channel 11 and the Brooklyn network were all parked up and down the block.

  • Concerned

    “Don’t worry everybody! This happened all the time before the BBP!”
    – All the deniers who add to the danger of the neighborhood by denying there’s a problem that needs to be solved

  • Disgusted Heights Observer

    I am waiting for the comments that will say that of course, this had NOTHING to do with people going to the park!

    This quiet little block of Joralemon Street wasn’t always like this even in the Koch/Dinkins era! And yet our current Mayor says that crime is down. Nonsense. What’s down is the reporting of crime.

  • meschwar

    There are ways to address the minor uptick in crime that has come to the neighborhood with BBP without: (1) being a bunch of racist a–holes, (2) ignoring the MANY positive effects of the park on the neighborhood, (3) denying the park’s many benefits to some populations of the city who benefit the most.

  • Michael

    Time for the Heights to fight back. When is the next BHA meeting? Time to talk about added security, neighborhood watches, etc. I know for sure that snarky responses on blogs don’t deter increasing crimes.

  • Michael

    Gun fire… ‘knock out’ games… muggings… ‘minor uptick’? not minor.

  • Concerned

    You’re a real piece of garbage for calling us racists when we’re trying to protect our neighborhood from thugs who are attacking people and each other. Tell that 65 year old neighbor who was just minding his business that this is a minor uptick. To his face. You internet weakling.

  • Greg

    I haven’t decided personally what impact the park has on incidents on Joralemon. My gut feeling is that it has had impact.

    That said, I distinctly remember a regular stream of unpleasant crimes happening on Joralemon well before the park opened. So it’s by no means clear to me which incidents are and are not park-related.

  • Michael

    well said.

  • Concerned

    I’ve lived here for years. It is NOT the same on Joralemon. This is a major crime that has been reported. There are others that have been reported, as well. Nobody is saying that there was zero crime in the past. To say that BBP has had anything but a negative effect on Joralemon is to deny the sky is blue. Moreover, what’s not being reported is intimidation and disturbing of peace (loudness, rowdiness, etc…) that negatively changes the entire dynamic of the neighborhood. It is entirely reasonable to now fear crime and brutal assault along the pathways into the park. It’s not racism. It’s reality.

  • meschwar

    But is the fact that the people of Joralemon themselves have easy access to a beautiful park worth nothing?

  • Mark

    not compared to their feeling unsafe in their own neighborhood

  • Mark

    people here are not 1,2,3

  • Andrew Porter

    Communicating with the 84th Precinct, local representatives, etc., will do more than just complaining here.

  • meschwar

    I’ve seen many people here unironically suggest closing down the basketball courts (that’s 3), refer to “thugs” bringing crime “from their neighborhood into ours” (an easy 1) and very little discussion of HOW COOL IT IS TO BE CLOSE TO A PARK (that’s 2).

    I’m pretty comfortable with my whole comment.

    Here’s my suggestion, which may have been brought up before.

    Close the Joralemon gateway to the park, at least after dark, and route all the south-end traffic up Atlantic, which is broader, better lit, busier, and all around better equipped to handle the crowds going to and fro the park.

  • Dalvec

    Everyone concerned here should reach out to Sen. Squadron and Councilman Levin’s offices to impress upon them how important this issue is to all of us. I did this morning and requested that they post an officer or two from the 84th to Joralemon Street at all times.

  • Grace Court Jester

    Wow. There is something so scary about seeing a video of an unprovoked attack. I’ve been paranoid in subway stations ever since seeing those videos of people being pushed toward the tracks and this strikes a similar nerve. I’m glad the victim seems to be ok. Stay safe out there people.

  • DIBS

    I would have to agree.

  • Michael

    Hasn’t so far. The last communication from the 84th was ‘don’t walk alone.’ Hardly a comprehensive solution. But I hear you.

  • Freethinker

    My husband and I were harrassed by 3 “youths” on their way to the park about a month ago. One had a basketball so I think one could assume they were going to the basketball courts, right? They hit my husband on the back–not once, but again after we confronted them–and they were looking for trouble. Afterwards, we looked back and saw them doing this to other people on the street. We’ve lived here for 20 years and have never seen anything like it.

  • Concerned

    This is the type of harassment/assault/intimidation that goes unreported and is so deflating to the neighborhood.

  • Jorale-man

    I don’t think meschwar was calling anyone racists here. It’s more that the “outside world” will read these comment threads and assume purely bigoted motives.

    I tend to see the park as a mixed blessing: the greenery and lawns are all great but the athletic facilities (especially the basketball courts) were a poor use of the space. They bring a lot of testosterone-fueled antics that spill over into the neighborhood. The fact that the park management appears so unconcerned about the impact on the Heights makes it all the worse.

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    Don’t worry this was just “RANDOM”.

  • Dalvec

    For what it’s worth, both offices responded to my inquiries. There’s a meeting today with the police precinct, DOT, BBP and our representatives re: safety in the neighborhood. With respect to Joralemon, they are trying to determine what measures should be taken to make the neighborhood safer. Apparently, there are a few items on the table ranging from security cameras to a more robust police presence (I haven’t noticed any police presence since the Pier 2 closure weeks ago). A significant issue is who will be picking up the cost of these initiatives. It seems BBP is reluctant to pitch in even though they are a significant cause of the issue (failure to repair the Squibb bridge, which is an alternate route to the trains).

    If anyone has a few moments, I recommend sending them both e-mails and stress how important it is to you to have an actual police presence (as opposed to a security camera) on Joralemon Street until this consistent violence dies down or ends.

    Here are their e-mail addresses:;

  • Michael

    Will do

  • KXrVrii1

    Isn’t someone sucker punching a 65 year old man and a rabbi, basically, the epitome of a thug? How is that racist?


    a violent person, especially a criminal.
    synonyms: ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal; tough, bruiser, hardman, goon, heavy, enforcer, hired gun, hood
    “one of Capone’s thugs”

  • KXrVrii1

    Nope, see his follow up. Definitely calling people, who refer to “thugs” on this board, racist.

  • Banet

    I’m curious, what time of day were you harassed?

  • Banet

    I’m not saying I’m for or against the idea of closing the Joralemon entrance after dark, but 1) won’t that lead to a lot of people walking all the way down Joralemon, finding their access blocked, and then walking back up in a bad mood and 2) how , exactly, would you close that entrance just for the evenings?

  • HereToStay

    Depends where… Near Court there has always been trouble. Down near the cobblestones… never.