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    is one of 3 current groups finding it necessary to
    file lawsuits against their own elected officials. And,
    is not the first lawsuit to have been lost in Kings County
    State Supreme Court. Win or lose, an appeal was always
    inevitable. Either by concerned taxpaying neighbors or a
    less concerned City government willing to support a
    policy of pay to play over public services.
    The recent opening (finally) of the Donnell library,
    renamed 53rd Street, being a classic prototype example
    of how to brainwash the public into accepting less as
    more. Oh yes, they too had the usual air conditioner
    syndrome problem. A research library now reduced to
    a downsized second class bookstore.
    Sounding familiar?
    At the grand opening, 6/27/16, lots of glitz and
    ikea-esk furniture but few books. The 60+ millions
    paid for the property now reduced, at best, to a few
    million “profit”. While the developer rakes in hundreds
    of millions in sales.
    Only thing missing at the opening was the distribution
    of green lens glasses and a chorus of “Were Off to
    See the Wizard”
    Razel dazel them, they’ll never catch on.
    Take off the green glasses and demand a return to
    the full services that our tax dollars were intended
    to support.
    Join us, support us and follow us on Facebook.


    If link still doesn’t work, just Google
    Books in the basement 7/1/16

  • Michele

    Any recommendation for a place that might do simple clothing alterations (hems) in the area?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hoyt, just north of State. Submitted without further comment. Hope this doesn’t violate TOS.

  • DIBS

    Hung’s? Lung’s? Can’t remember the exact name. Next to Sociale on Henry St.

  • Andrew Porter

    (Which, once upon a time, was a Good Humor retail ice cream store.)

    Numerous places, including, on Henry Street, New Model; the guy next to the entrance to the 2/3 subway; the small cleaners on the E. side of Henry just below Clark Street.

  • KXrVrii1

    The new 53rd street library looks like a great local library.

    Specialized books and film have been relocated (no issue for a local library), and yes it does appear the number of books have been greatly reduced, but you can order any book or film you want from any branch you want, and pick it up there, quite conveniently.

  • Banet

    It’s probably a longshot but I figured I would ask. A neighbor of mine had a red metal Radio Flyer wagon (the classic kind) stolen from in front of their house last week between Wednesday and Saturday.

    It was probably just some bored teens goofing around. We figure it can’t have gone far as it is incredibly noisy over the bumpy sidewalks of the neighborhood. Did anyone happen to see this lying around? Did it end up in anyone’s front yard?

  • Arch Stanton

    It could have been grabbed by scrappers who thought it was being thrown out.
    Don’t leave anything you want to see again left unlocked on the street. Crime may be down but it’s still Brooklyn.

  • Arch Stanton

    Best Cleaners on Henry

  • rss

    It is kind of stunning, with its tiered seating and huge screen to watch while you eat your lunch (you can bring food and drink there). The selection of books on site is very small. Great for people who do interlibrary loan. Not so good for those who like to browse.

  • Banet

    Possibly buts been out there for 3 months and then it went missing the week they were away.

    Also, recycling on our street is Wednesday morning so the scrapers come Tuesday afternoon. No reason for them to come up our dead-end lock later in the week.

  • Arch Stanton

    NY 1 News is doing a story called “Hollywood on the Hudson” exposing the negative impacts and questionable benefits of the “Made In NY” film campaign, that gives film production companies free regain of public streets and massive tax breaks.

  • Heights Observer

    When will the police department pick up the blue saw-horses that are still all over the neighborhood and were put in place for the 4 of July? There are a bunch in front of the St George and the High St station and other places.

  • Elaine Rendon

    I know there’s a thread for the helicopter discussion but I wanted to comment here..

    As I was walking my dog down hicks going towards Montague, I heard a ridiculously loud helicopter noise. I’m used to the fact there are always helicopters flying around but this one sounded incredibly close. Myself (and a few other pedestrians) looked up and sure enough, there was a chopper up there…flying quite low. I would say not more than a few feet above the roofs of the buildings on the corners of hicks and pierrepont.

  • disqus_Ked6618j7Z

    They flew over the playground in BBP too… Two NYPD choppers. Extremely, extremely low. I thought something had gone wrong at first and was deciding whether I’d be able to grab my son and run for it.

  • Pierrepont

    Also, when is Sanitation bringing back all of the corner garbage cans they took away for the 4th? I am a dog owner, and the reduction is garbage cans is no fun at all.

  • Andrew Porter

    My experience is that they’ll be around for months. The NYPD is notorious for leaving their toys out where people can trip over them. I still see a lot of those “No Parking July 4th” signs taped to trees, too.

  • neighboronhicks

    i’ve had good results tweeting at the nypd for stuff like this in the past (my preferred office subway steps are often closed for parades)

  • Roberto

    Bloody news & horrific images slam into us daily. 24/7. Yesterday, Nice, France. And the litany groans on – Dallas. Paris, San Bernardino, Colombine, Charleston, Newtown, London, Madrid, Manhattan, Staten Island ..homo destructus is tireless.

  • Andrew Porter

    The possible coup in Turkey is a blow for secular democracy…

  • Concerned

    DIBS, I saw this and thought of you. Brooklyn Heights will not be run from Pennsylvania…

  • Roberto

    It’s Saturday, July 16th at 10:15 pm and yet another truck is being escorted off the Brooklyn Bridge. What is the story? This seems to happen very frequently. Coming on the heels of Nice, this is a disturbing sight.

  • Elaine Rendon

    I just saw on CBS 2’s Facebook page a surveillance video of a 65yr old man getting sucker punched on Joralemon (looks to be between Henry/hicks). Is this an older case or recent? The video shows its dark so this obviously took place at night

  • StudioBrooklyn

    July 6th, unless it happened again since then.