Grand Re-Opening of Häagen-Dazs on Montague St. This Saturday: Ribbon Cutting by Boro Prez Eric L. Adams, Free Ice Cream and Prizes

Fun neighborhood fact: The Häagen-Dazs shop at 120 Montague St., opened 40 years ago by the founder’s daughter Doris Mattus, was the first storefront location for the company.

After undergoing renovations this past spring, the shop will have a grand re-opening this Saturday, July 16. The celebration will begin with a ribbon cutting by Borough President Eric L. Adams, who had this to say:

Life in Brooklyn remains as sweet as Jackie Gleason described, as we celebrate the reopening of the original Häagen-Dazs Shop in Brooklyn Heights. During this summer season, visitors to the Montague Street shop will have an opportunity to cool down with delicious treats while celebrating a borough that has never been hotter.

The schedule for the festivities is:

  • 10:45 a.m. – ribbon cutting by Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams.
  • 11 a.m.3 p.m. – every guest will receive one free ice cream scoop.
  • One guest will win an ice cream for a year gift card*; and $10, $15 and $25 gift cards will be given out.
  • $1 off coupons good for a future visit to the shop.
  • The Häagen-Dazs mascot Coneman will be available for photographs throughout the day.

Be sure to post your photos with Coneman here!


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  • Andrew Porter

    I remember ice cream, sigh. Used to eat an entire pint of Haagen-Dazs at one sitting, 16 years ago. Now I have a very small dish, once a year.

    Hey right next door, you can always get free condoms at the Housing Works Thrift Store!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My mind is working very hard, like the training montage in Rocky, to try to connect the two ideas you just shared with us.

  • Andrew Porter

    I lost 65 pounds back in 2000, have happily kept it off for all these years. But my life no longer has room for ice cream. Now, condoms, that’s something different…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I consider myself open to ideas, the way a whale shark is open to krill, so I don’t say this often, but that’s too much information, Andrew.

  • Concerned

    This thread should win an award at the next “Best of the Heights” survey.