Two “Black Lives Matter” Banners Stolen From First Unitarian Church

The Eagle reports that two banners bearing the words “Black Lives Matter” (a photo of one of the banners can be seen in the linked Eagle story) have, in separate incidents, been taken from the fence in front of the First Unitarian Church, at Pierrepont Street and Monroe Place. The banners were designed and paid for by members of the church’s congregation. After the first banner was taken (sometime between June 26th and 28th) the second one was secured to the fence in a way that it could only be removed by cutting; it also bore a small sign asking passers by to respect church property. This banner disappeared this past Sunday, July 10. The Eagle quotes The Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons, senior minister of First Unitarian:

In this society fraught with discrimination and violence against people of color, it is necessary for people of faith to proclaim the obvious. The fact that someone would steal our banner and attempt to silence our voice highlights just how necessary it is.

Photo: By Beyond My Ken (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Concerned

    It’s either racist b@stards or people trying to support the cause and want a cool banner to wave. If you’re a racist b@stard and you’re caught ripping off a sign, the FBI is called in and you get hate crime felony, etc… If you’re a supporter and you want a cool sign to wave at the next rally and you’re caught, not so much.
    It’s wrong either way. But I wouldn’t be so quick to blame people that are anti-BLM. I’d say it’s a 50/50 shot at who did it. When I was in college, I surely would have stolen such an object to look cool at something I support. Just saying…

  • Concerned

    Oh jeez, I just thought about who lives around there on Monroe street. You know who I’m talking about. Now I’m changing my odds to 85% racist to 15% want to be cool supporter.


    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    Um, meaning whom? Not getting the dogwhistle here…

  • Concerned

    A) the term “dogwhistle” is so overused it is making me sick every time I hear it; and
    B) there is no “dogwhistle” here. There is a well known racist that lives around that area. I won’t name him for various reasons, but if you search Gothamist’s articles on Brooklyn Heights, you’ll see who I’m talking about.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    The idea of a dogwhistle making you sick…there’s got to be a great joke in there somewhere.

  • Concerned


  • B.

    That’s too bad about the banners.

    But what’s with the enormous banner of Eric Adams festooning Brooklyn Borough Hall? It must be twenty-five feet or more long. And of that other person, whose name, I confess, I do not recognize?

    The last time I saw something like that, it was Saddam Hussein’s big face looking down from a building. And heaven knows, Adams is no Saddam.