BHA Files Suit to Stop Pier 6 Towers

The Brooklyn Heights Association announced on its website today that, as previously indicated was their intention, they have filed suit to prevent the construction of two residential towers near the park’s Atlantic Avenue entrance and Pier 6. The suit names as defendants the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, other government entities involved, and the developers of the proposed buildings. BHA is asking the court to “annul the BBPC’s June 7th decision to build two huge towers on Pier 6 – more than 400,000 square feet – near Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street.” It also seeks to compel the Empire State Development Corporation, one of the government defendants, to “require an updated environmental review due to the considerable changes throughout the area since an earlier review in 2005.” More from the BHA presser:

The BHA, other community groups, and local elected officials have strongly advocated that this land instead be used as parkland and that the long-promised Atlantic Avenue entrance to the Park be created.

According to BHA President Patrick Killackey, “the BBPC is violating the fundamental commitment on which the BHA and the community supported the Park’s creation: that real estate development at the park would be limited to only the amount necessary to fund the Park’s financial needs.” He added that “we need open space at the Park, not needless new condo towers.”

There’s a more complete description of the BHA’s suit here. The BHA is represented in this suit by the law firm Jenner & Block which, according to the BHA, “is well known for its litigation expertise and commitment to pro bono matters.” While the firm may be donating its time, there are many other expenses, such as court fees, that must be covered. The BHA asks anyone who wishes to contribute to funding the lawsuit, as well as other BHA activities on behalf of the community, to donate here, “or send a check, payable to the BHA and designating the BHA Legal Fund in the memo line, to the BHA, 55 Pierrepont Street, 17D, Brooklyn, NY 11201.” (Note that, if you donate on line, there is no way to specify that your donation is to be used for the Legal Fund only.)

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  • Wally O’Keefe

    Hurray for the BHA.

  • Neighbor

    good timing. construction crews started working on the site today. they took down the chain link fence around area and looked to be prepared to do some drilling / soil testing.

  • Roberto

    Increasingly, the “development” activities in Brooklyn Bridge Park have the look and feel of a hardened occupying force intent on refashioning the local landscape with a community-be-damned strategy. Bravo for the BHA and its lawsuit.

  • HereToStay

    LOL. Good luck with that…

  • Boerum Bill

    A hearty golf clap for this heartfelt token gesture!

  • Brixtony

    Does anybody know when the giant Motel 6 aka the luxury apartments and hotel will be occupied? I’m curious as to how this will change the Park Experience.

  • Arch Stanton

    The developer recently put it up for sale, so who knows…

  • Bornhere

    Not quite the place to post this, but I guess in the world of “here’s hoping, here’s appealing,” there is this bit of news:

  • Neighbor

    they now started bulldozing the site– construction has begun