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    in asking the Brooklyn Public Library, its Board of
    Directors and developer Hudson, why an active religious
    building, a church, has been chosen in which to house
    the interim Brooklyn Heights Public Library?
    Thus, violating at least freedom of speech as well as
    separation of church and state.
    In the News 12 interview of Friday 7/1/16 when church
    Bishop Monsour was asked this same question by the
    reporter, his response was “as long as they’re not
    promoting anything outrageous we’ll accommodate them”.
    It’s evidently not enough to give away city property at a
    lowball price to a favored pay to play developer (contract
    currently under Federal investigation) our “public servants”
    don’t mind violating our basic civil rights.
    Tired of DONATING your tax dollars to support
    billionaire developers? Fed up and don’t want to take
    it anymore? Join us, help us, support us in our
    pending lawsuit now in Kings County Supreme State
    Visit us on Facebook.

  • Banet

    There can be many reasonable arguments for and against the impending library deal but objecting to the temporary housing occurring in a church-owned space on constitutional grounds? You’re really grasping at straws.

    Voting takes place in thousands of houses of worships every year. I don’t recall you objecting to that.

  • Jorale-man

    Does anyone know when a garbage collection is scheduled next? The neighborhood could certainly use it, especially with more heat on the way.

  • Grace Court Jester

    I’m pretty sure it’s M-W-F. They probably skipped Monday due to the holiday though.

  • Jorale-man

    Thanks, that makes sense. I think some neighbors put their trash out on Monday not realizing it was a holiday.

  • Teresa

    I think it depends on your street. On Hicks in the north Heights it’s Monday-Thursday. Recycling on Wednesdays.

  • Reggie

    This is not consistent with the legal definition of separation of church and state. Your suit was heard on June 10 and the judge said she (I think it is a woman.) would render a decision in 60 days, hopefully less. The suspense is killing me.

  • Roberto

    Any update on the complete closing of the remaining sections of the Cadman Plaza library branch? Is the alternative library space ready? Is the issue still in court?

  • Rachel

    Does anybody have a dry cleaner they are happy with in the south Heights? I’ve tried:

    -Azzurro (nice-ish people, but clothes consistently came back unclean/still with deodorant smell in armputs),

    -Montague Cleaners (ruined a silk blouse the first and only time I tried them), and

    -Brooklyn Cleaners at Joralemon and Clinton (happy with cleaning quality, but rude service and they consistently close early and/or don’t have clothing done on time)

    Thanks in advance!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I was delighted to go down to the park today (had been out of town until last night) and discover that the Photoville exhibit is back up along the construction perimeter. As an arts professional, I professionally urge you all to give each collection of photos a good examination next time you’re strolling through. Some of them are breathtaking.

  • Jorale-man

    Heads up to Claude et al: A big police operation is going down this afternoon at the Sunshine massage parlor on the corner of Remsen and Clinton. A couple squad cars, a couple police vans and an ambulance. It appeared the door to the parlor was kicked open – I saw an Asian woman peering out when I walked by but nothing else.

  • marilyn berkon

    Last Friday, July 1, News 12 let us hear what Bishop Mansour had to say about the content allowed in the interim library that Our Lady of Lebanon will house if the Brooklyn Heights Library gets to close its doors to us. His response to the reporter stunned me–” as long as they’re not promoting anything outrageous we’ll accommodate them.” What if certain content is in conflict with their religious principles? Will that be considered outrageous? I can think of many examples in both non-fiction and fiction that would stir fierce opposition from many religious institutions. Certain speakers or other presentations at a library might also stir that opposition. But public libraries are there for our information, for the wealth we derive from all kinds of books and presentations. If a religious institution is asked to house anything that is in conflict with its principles, it is altogether possible that it will deny us what we could normally find in a public library. It may very well be considered “outrageous.” Our Brooklyn Heights Library, in all its excellence, may soon be demolished unless there is a court decision in our favor. It has fallen into the hands of greedy developers supported by the city. They are stealing this beautiful, essential asset from us, and from all our neighboring districts throughout Brooklyn. Now, we may also have to contend with an interim library that restricts what we can learn and enjoy. We must not allow the demolition of our library. We must seek another interim space, if the greedy developers manage to get their way.

  • bklyn84

    I’m a t-shirt guy myself but my wife has used Rafael’s Cleaners & Tailoring on Court Street for many years e dozens of our neighbors in our nearby downtown building.
    Rafael’s Cleaners & Tailoring
    105 Court Street

  • TonyM

    I would prefer to have a well-functioning library available to us all the time. Unfortunately that is not what we have. The library has been closed for long stretches of time due to construction, repairs, faulty air conditioning etc. There is a trade-off and in this case a good one. A new library will be built and it likely be in better condition for a long time. The status quo would likely mean having a library that will continue to be closed for long periods.
    It is not a church and state issue. The church has space and the city is renting it.


    Last contact with project manager,
    Kristie Maduro, 718/230-2027, no
    confirmed date. Possibly end of July.
    Please feel free to contact her as to when
    date(s) will be actually posted at BHL or on
    Case is still pending. Possible response
    late July or August, per Judge.


    Me too.
    And freedom of speech? Abortion,
    gay rights, etc. in a Catholic
    Church? I’m sure there were
    other empty building spaces
    available in this area.


    You evidently missed the Bishop’s
    statement or chose to ignore it.
    Polling places do not have the
    ability for censorship.


    Giving up your basic rights for
    temporary comfort? Guess your
    ancestors were not with Washington
    and those brave men at Valley Forge.
    Censorship, no matter were housed
    is never acceptable.

  • Alec

    Best Cleaners – Henry between Pierrepont and Montague – 185 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 – very nice and good work

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I noticed a police presence (2-3 officers on foot) on the corner of Pierrepont and Henry this afternoon. Has anyone noticed whether they were there yesterday?

  • Bornhere

    When I read your post at work, I was hopeful that maybe they had been closed. Alas, I walked past on the way home this evening, and the green and purple lights were still twinkling….

  • Arch Stanton

    +1 on Best Cleaners!

  • marilyn berkon

    You must understand, Tony, that our Brooklyn Heights Library was intentionally kept in disrepair and intentionally underfunded for years, in order to prepare an excuse to the public for bringing in a private developer as partner. This Strategic Real Estate Plan goes back to the Bloomberg administration, and de Blasio is very happy to continue with it. We discovered this plan through Freedom of Information, which provided more than 10 years of minutes from the BPL Trustees’ meetings. The city is now flush with money and can afford to repair all our libraries. But private developers are favored, especially when they give campaign contributions to the mayor, whose fund sources are now under investigation. The proposed new library cannot compare in size or offerings to our current library, built by Francis Keally, who was also the architect for Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza. Nor could a new library ever be expanded again for a growing population, as ours was 23 years ago, since this one will sit under a 36-story luxury condo. We will suffer for 4 years or more during its construction with toxic debris and emissions and massive traffic tie ups. It is shameful that our library, excellent, solid, strong may be demolished.

  • Arch Stanton

    “It is not a church and state issue” It is if the Bishop can dictate what books are on the shelves of a public library.

  • Boerum Bill

    Anyone else miss The Busy Chef?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I miss the Swedish Chef.

  • Robert Perris

    I was informed that he interim branch will be opening week of July 25th, with the exact timing still to be worked out. 280 Cadman Plaza will remain open until the Interim is ready.

  • ColumbiaHeightster


  • AbeLincoln

    Three words: Credit Card Fraud.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    i miss the blue pig bbq place every week