Here They Are: The Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights 2016

Your nominations have been tabulated, and after due consideration by the BHB Food Editorial Board, here are the Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights 2016:

Best Restaurant:  Jack the Horse Tavern

Close Runners-Up:  Henry’s End and Noodle Pudding (So good, it doesn’t need a website or a sign outside.)

Honorable Mentions:  Colonie and Chez Moi

Best Newcomer:  Pinto

Close Runner-Up:  Kogane Ramen


Best Italian:  Noodle Pudding

Close Runner-Up:  Sociale

Honorable Mentions:  Queen and River Deli



Best Mexican:  Gallito’s Kitchen

Close Runner-Up:  Gran Eléctrica

Best Diner:  Teresa’s

Close Runners-Up:  Clark’s Restaurant and Park Plaza Restaurant

Best Breakfast:  To Go – Cranberry’s  |  To Sit – Tazza

Best Lunch:  Tie between Hanco’s and Mile End Delicatessen

Best Burger:  Tie between Five Guys and two8two Bar & Burger

Best Pizza:  To Go – Fascati’s (Controversial pick! Readers either love it or hate it, but it got the most votes hands down.)  |  To Sit – Dellarocco’s

Close Runner-Up:  Table 87

Best Dessert:  Almondine

Best BBQ:  Hill Country (Not much competition in the area, true, but as reader “St. Georgette” notes, it’s the “best place to eat AND hear great live music, and with good drinks too.”)

Best Japanese:  Iron Chef

Close Runners-Up:  Ani Sushi and Hibino (As reader “Resident” notes, the only Japanese restaurant in the area “run by real Japanese people.”)

Best Thai:  After best newcomer Pinto – Tie between Lantern Thai Kitchen and Joya

Best Chinese:  NONE. As reader “Studio Brooklyn” says, “Go to Flushing Queens and bring a friend who speaks Mandarin.” Or take Karl Jungersfeld’s advice and eat “Chinese food in Chinatown either on 8th Ave in Bklyn or Downtown Manhattan.” Although, if you’re in no mood to trek to Sunset Park or another borough, “St. Georgette” recommends Yaso Tangbao in downtown Brooklyn, and the BHB Food Editorial Board wholeheartedly agrees.

Last But Not Least:  As reader “Jorale-man” wisely comments, “a general vote for the Middle Eastern restaurants that survive amid the gentrification on Atlantic.” Reader “AbeLincoln” also nominates “all the Middle Eastern places on both Hicks and Henry.” Indeed, we applaud them all, all equally good, including Tutt Café, Yemen Café, Sultan, Tripoli, Mocha Hookah, Fatoosh, Darna Falafel, and Heights Falafel. Plus, according to “Grace Court Jester” – “that Halal Cart on the corner of Joraleman and Court has great lamb.”

Thanks to all for participating. Let’s go out and eat!



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  • redlola

    That is how I feel about JTH except my food there is often underseasoned. I have always had amazing service at FoF. What this tells me though is that both restaurants are inconsistent.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Tumble dry or iron only? How do you get out a stubborn salt stain?

    I can’t believe the volume of wet blankets piled up here awash in salty tears. FFS it’s a top ten list of local restaurants on a neighborhood blog—not only that, but an aggregation of inputs from another entry on which all these opinions would have been more appropriate! “My choice wasn’t reflected by the results and now I’m upset; must be someone else’s problem.” Where do you come UP with this stuff?!

  • St. Georgette

    Henry St. Ale House does have a great burger and a wonderful beer selection! Of all of the “pubs” in the area I think they are by far the best.

  • Concerned

    True. True. Definitely a weak showing by these whiners.

  • ColumbiaHeightster


  • MaryT

    No, not the one on Montague. The one I remember fondly closed years ago (where Pierhouse office is now). The corner of Clark and Hicks seemed to be the kiss of death for restaurants. I had my wedding breakfast there – sweet place.

  • St. Georgette

    Took me a bit to figure out what FFS meant. I think I got it!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Yes, we also enjoy FGS, FPS, and FCS. I’m open to learning new incantations as well.

  • Slyone

    I never got around to voting, but for closeby sushi, my family’s liked Ozu over Iron Chef; but it seems like everyone around here disagrees. We even went to Iron Chef recently for lunch to (re-)confirm our choice, and did prefer Ozu — we are generally getting the standard, perhaps-boring rolls, though. Love Ki and Hibino, for different things, when we want to walk farther.

  • CHatter

    Ani has excellent toro, and a regularly rotating menu of specialty sashimi flown in from Japan. Not environmentally friendly, to be sure, but oh so good.

  • Bornhere

    Oh, goody — food fight!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Sociale rocks. Have walked away happy and full every time. Keep up the great work!!!

  • francesco

    THANK YOUUUU !!!!!
    so so much.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    FYI, after our son was born in 2013, we came to you for our first “date” when he was a few weeks old (had a grandmother staying with us). It was brunch and we were tired, disheveled, and scared to be away from him. You treated us so well, and it will always remain a fond memory.

  • Concerned

    LOL!!! As if a guy from Ohio is supposed to tell anyone what makes for good pizza. Fascati’s is classic NYC pizza. I’m not knocking Table 87, though.

  • Concerned

    No doubt Sociale is great! And there isn’t a better manager or staff in Bk Heights!!!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Concerned, you should know that Ohio has a rich and vibrant cosmopolitan culture, including cuisine, in and between its cities. I several times had Neapolitan-style pizza at a popup in Columbus called Bono To Go, would have given Table 87 or Dellaroco’s a run for their money.

  • Concerned

    I’ve been to Ohio, and much like the area I’m from, the only thing “in and between” its cities are grit and hillbillies. Nevertheless, I was merely taking a juvenile shot at Mr. Loibl, in retaliation for his below the belt comment about a Brooklyn Heights Institution. In other words: “He started it!”
    My apologies to Mr. Loibl and the great swing state of Ohio.

  • AbeLincoln

    I for one, loved the post, even if it wasn’t strictly scientific😀. What can we poll about next??

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Do you mean “grit” in the “true grit” sense, or the stuff under your nails after you clean an oil pan on a car? Because Ohioans usually have both.

  • Concerned

    The stuff under your nails. But I agree with both meanings in the context. Show off…

  • Peter Loibl

    Have never been to Bono to Go, will have to check that out next time I am Cbus! PS, I was born in Queens, raised in Jersey and have lived in Brooklyn Heights for a decade … not “from” Ohio, just studied there.

    For the record, I used to LOVE Fascati’s … not sure what happened, but I feel like their pizza ovens are too hot or something, the pizza (in my humble opinion) tends to be overly dry and gritty.

    For what its worth, my area top spots are:

    1. Jack the Horse
    2. Henry’s End
    3. Al Mar
    4. Gran Electrica
    5. Table 87
    6. Sociale
    7. Colonie
    8. Queen
    9. Noodle Pudding
    10. Grimaldi’s

    PS … this area needs a great steakhouse!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Sadly, it was a pop up and only existed for a summer. Just curious: what were your favorite Columbus haunts? I used to practically have a booth at the Blue Danube on N High.

  • francesco

    We’re just hard working humble people. Serving lunch and dinner 362 days a year is a brutal mission as somebody mentioned…we do it with passion and simplicity. I taught my boys the value of integrity and i demand superior ethics standards and maniac cleanliness protocols…good food and service come after this, and they actually come as a consequence of it…i’m very glad and rewarded by the fact that our guests and our neighborhood seem to notice and appreciate our efforts in these directions.
    Thank you so much.

  • francesco

    This filled my heart with joy.

  • Concerned

    Funny, I always figured you as a Press Grill type of guy…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I don’t even know what that is, but at least you didn’t say Cafe Kerouac…

  • Concerned

    It’s a bar and grill in the short north. Good spot.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hmm…never heard of it. When did it open?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Laundry? Pet food shops? Nail salons? Front doors? “Best new development”?