Here They Are: The Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights 2016

Your nominations have been tabulated, and after due consideration by the BHB Food Editorial Board, here are the Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights 2016:

Best Restaurant:  Jack the Horse Tavern

Close Runners-Up:  Henry’s End and Noodle Pudding (So good, it doesn’t need a website or a sign outside.)

Honorable Mentions:  Colonie and Chez Moi

Best Newcomer:  Pinto

Close Runner-Up:  Kogane Ramen


Best Italian:  Noodle Pudding

Close Runner-Up:  Sociale

Honorable Mentions:  Queen and River Deli



Best Mexican:  Gallito’s Kitchen

Close Runner-Up:  Gran Eléctrica

Best Diner:  Teresa’s

Close Runners-Up:  Clark’s Restaurant and Park Plaza Restaurant

Best Breakfast:  To Go – Cranberry’s  |  To Sit – Tazza

Best Lunch:  Tie between Hanco’s and Mile End Delicatessen

Best Burger:  Tie between Five Guys and two8two Bar & Burger

Best Pizza:  To Go – Fascati’s (Controversial pick! Readers either love it or hate it, but it got the most votes hands down.)  |  To Sit – Dellarocco’s

Close Runner-Up:  Table 87

Best Dessert:  Almondine

Best BBQ:  Hill Country (Not much competition in the area, true, but as reader “St. Georgette” notes, it’s the “best place to eat AND hear great live music, and with good drinks too.”)

Best Japanese:  Iron Chef

Close Runners-Up:  Ani Sushi and Hibino (As reader “Resident” notes, the only Japanese restaurant in the area “run by real Japanese people.”)

Best Thai:  After best newcomer Pinto – Tie between Lantern Thai Kitchen and Joya

Best Chinese:  NONE. As reader “Studio Brooklyn” says, “Go to Flushing Queens and bring a friend who speaks Mandarin.” Or take Karl Jungersfeld’s advice and eat “Chinese food in Chinatown either on 8th Ave in Bklyn or Downtown Manhattan.” Although, if you’re in no mood to trek to Sunset Park or another borough, “St. Georgette” recommends Yaso Tangbao in downtown Brooklyn, and the BHB Food Editorial Board wholeheartedly agrees.

Last But Not Least:  As reader “Jorale-man” wisely comments, “a general vote for the Middle Eastern restaurants that survive amid the gentrification on Atlantic.” Reader “AbeLincoln” also nominates “all the Middle Eastern places on both Hicks and Henry.” Indeed, we applaud them all, all equally good, including Tutt Café, Yemen Café, Sultan, Tripoli, Mocha Hookah, Fatoosh, Darna Falafel, and Heights Falafel. Plus, according to “Grace Court Jester” – “that Halal Cart on the corner of Joraleman and Court has great lamb.”

Thanks to all for participating. Let’s go out and eat!



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  • redlola

    meh.have to question the palate of anyone who would pick gallito’s over gran electrica, include lantern in anything, call cranberry a great breakfast or completely overlook friend of a farmer which is heads and shoulders above jack the horse.

  • DIBS

    Nice photo of Francesco & Rodrigo!

  • DIBS

    On Hibino, it really is an excellent restaurant but it is not a place to go for sushi/sashimi;which is fine. The last time I went the offerings were limited and, like the rest of Brooklyn, despite being run by Japanese, “No Toro” and a pretty lame excuse as to why not. Also, it’s clear that most people go to japanese restaurants for the cheaper and more filling assortment of rolls which oftentimes tend towards the bizarre. I go for sashimi. I wish there were more places that would offer Toro. iron chef seems to have it more frequently than any others.

  • Jorale-man

    Great feature. Always interesting to see what neighbors and the BHB staff rank highly. I personally would quibble with Colonie’s high marks — I find the portions very tiny and the space cramped for what you pay– but maybe I’m missing something.

    The newcomers both sound intriguing too…

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Why are you so negative? This post and the related poll are an opportunity to applaud local restaurants, to celebrate some our community’s best institutions, and perhaps encourage readers to support more local businesses. Regardless of the extremely subjective results, this is a GOOD thing. Why do you feel the need to defecate all over it, respond with negativity and make disparaging remarks not only about the restaurants, but also about the people who provided opinions? Enough already.

  • redlola

    cause it is always the same restaurants and other local businesses who deserve and would appreciate support get overlooked. there is only so many times that the same 5 people can vote for noodle pudding. It’s definitely a click mentality.

  • Boerum Bill

    Glad two8two made the cut!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I take no issue with that…except that that’s not at all what you said. Go ahead and voice your support for the places you like. Instead, you put down Gallito’s, Cranberry, Lantern, Jack the Horse, and the palates of people who like those places. You’re just being nasty and it’s uncalled for.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Hmmm. A bunch of these are not even in Brooklyn Heights (two8two, Gran Electrica, Hill County, Mile End) and how could there be no mention of Heights Cafe, Custom House or Henry Street Ale House, all of whom have the best burgers in the nabe, way better than Five Guys, a chain. Oh, and the Ale House has a new chef and menu too, which is really tasty!

  • redlola

    i did voice my opinions on an earlier post. but like i said 5 people seem to make decisions.

  • francesco

    Congrats to Tim and the JtH crew !!!
    It’s a great honor for us to be considered close second to such a neighborhood institution as Noodle Pudding.
    Thank you BHB readers !!!

  • Mary Kim

    I go to Hibino often for the Japanese homestyle cooked dishes, never the sushi. Ki Sushi on Smith St. is great for sashimi and has toro on the menu.

  • MaryT

    Congrats to all! I’m happy we now have so many more choices. Pretty slim pickins’ back when. BTW: Does anyone remember the Heights Cafe on Clark and Hicks? A very nice brunch.

  • Mary Kim

    Editorial note: The list was compiled according to reader votes and almost no editorializing by the BHB staff. The one nod for Yaso Tangbao and the addition of Heights Falafel were the extent of editorial opinion. All others were by vote that was opened to BK Heights and within walking distance. The entire neighborhood wasn’t polled, of course, but I believe all the picks are well-deserved. NYC is brutal to the restaurant business for so many reasons, and the fact that each have not only survived, but thrived, is a testament to the owners and their staff dishing out great food and service everyday. With that, I personally congratulate each and encourage everyone to support them, as well as other small businesses in the neighborhood. (Less Amazon, more local businesses!)

    If your favored eateries didn’t make it this year, make sure to vote for them next year, or write a supportive review in the open threads. There are many other great places to eat in the area, some just didn’t get the votes this time. Thank you all for reading.

  • Peter Loibl

    Fascati’s cardboard pizza over Table 87, arguably one of the best pizza spots in all of NYC? Gallitos, a very solid spot, over the wonderfully-elevated Mexican fare of Gran Electica (which I suppose really isn’t in Brooklyn Heights)? Who voted in this thing?? Surprised McDonalds and Popeyes didn’t fare higher.

  • Heightsman

    I think that Table 87 and Fascati’s are oranges and apples. Fascati’s is some of the best pizza in NYC WHEN you order for delivery….and have extra cheese added. Regular pie or eating in doesn’t show what it was 10 years ago. Each establishment has its place. Won’t comment on the rest of your post.

  • Heightsman

    Heights Cafe….they’ve had their chance….I’ve been here for 16 years and they continue to have massive staff turnover and decent food. The greatest show of how a place is run is staff and turnover. Unfortunately only visitors enjoy the outside seating. Have no worries they will be fine.

  • Heightsman

    One opinion, not mine. That’s what makes our country great. We are each entitled to an opinion.

  • Heightsman

    Get involved. Stop reading. Your choice. Complaining from the shadows is always the easiest position.

  • Your mom

    Half of these restaurants are in DUMBO.

  • redlola

    Do you mean montague and hicks?

  • redlola

    I literally have never had anything edible at

  • redlola

    It’s how i feel about jth. The space is fine but i find the food and service inconsistent and overrated. The fact that friend of a farmer was not even considered speaks volumes.

  • redlola

    Ki is good. Kiku on 5th is really good too.

  • redlola

    Yep and i am entitled to my opinion as stated above. I don’t need to litigate it with anyone here. It is what it is.

  • redlola

    This is a blog. We are all in the shadows and all this is opinion so if you don’t like my opinions spare me yours on what i need to be doing.

  • Mary Kim

    Not half, mom. Two, exactly two. We opened the voting to within walking distance outside of the Heights. So you’re right, mom, as usual. The title of the post is a little misleading. It could be “Best Eats In and Around Brooklyn Heights.” Maybe next year.

  • Arch Stanton

    IMHO, Heights Cafe didn’t get mention because it’s lousy. Custom House and the Ale House are okay but not “best” worthy.
    Have you ever had the burger at 5 Guys?

  • Arch Stanton

    “Fascati’s cardboard pizza” them’s fight’n words!

  • Arch Stanton

    I agree on all but FoaF being “head and shoulders above JtH”I would put it in the same league food wise but after 3 tries, receiving borderline rude service, I won’t be going back anytime soon.