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    says a quick stop at our Brooklyn Heights Public Library
    shows eviscerated book shelves. The promised interim
    library still under construction. Local schools now either
    closed or will be next week and no scheduled library
    programs. Hardly the full service library promised to be
    kept open pending complete construction of the interim
    The Brooklyn Public Library emphasizing this as a major
    reason Hudson was awarded the contract.
    Looks like another contract violation now added to those
    faced by the View and Pier 6.
    Follow us on Facebook and tell others to do the same.
    We need your help, support and voices.
    Libraries and parks are needed public services
    supported by tax payer dollars and NOT pay to play
    “sweetheart” deals.


    Loud reggae music via PA speakers and sage burning outside James Weir Flowers on Montague. Just why.

  • SongBirdNYC

    Probably because of Make Music New York.



    I will say, a live reggae / dub / calypso band would’ve been fun. Even a dj actually mixing music.

    Loud reggae cd’s played through pa speakers without explanation? Not so much.

  • Concerned

    I passed by and immediately googled “Bob Marley birthday” (actually in February) and then “Rastafarian June 21″, to no avail. Thx for the insight.

  • Teresa

    Eastern Athletic has begun a new series of yoga classes. I’m a yoga rookie, but I really liked the course I went to this morning, and the instructor. She’s teaching a number of classes a week of varying intensity– I hope she’s successful there.

  • Teresa

    Also: a reminder that tonight is the literary evening at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, featuring a line-up of local writers

  • brooklynbull

    Super, SUPER loud reggae music – at least 4 huge speakers jammed in front to the flower shop. Live music would have been welcome at a reasonable volume – this was assaultive.

  • Boerum Bill


  • marilyn berkon

    The Brooklyn Public Library president, Linda Johnson, and the developer of the shrunken new library beneath the 36-story condo promised minimal interruption of service between the closing of our library and the opening of the interim space at Our Lady Of Lebanon Church. They have a deceptive means of keeping that promise. The library doors are open, but there are only a few books remaining on the shelves. That was my observation on Saturday, slightly before 2 PM. Perhaps today there are no books at all. On Saturday, there were also no librarians on the second floor to give service. The information desk in the adult section was gated off. In the children’s section no librarian was present. I went downstairs to inquire from the clerk who confirmed with an unanswered phone call upstairs that no librarian was there. Then she spotted the children’s librarian through the partially open panel to the now closed Business library. She was busy there with something and emerged when she heard the clerk call out to her. She gave no explanation as to why she was not upstairs for the children, or why there was no librarian for the adults. Yes, the library doors remain open, but since they first began a deliberate, steady removal of the books weeks ago, the library has, in effect, been closed. There is no longer the ability to look for books there. Nor, on Saturday, was there even a chance to reserve a book with a librarian. I will add that the books have been disappearing from those shelves ever since they accepted a bid from this developer. They had a different excuse then. Now their purpose is clear. Our library is closed, though the doors are open. They have broken their promise. This interruption of service is certainly not minimal.

  • Bornhere

    When I came home from work last night at a bit before 7, really loud (albeit, good) music greeted me on Clinton and Montague. As I walked west, I was actually happy to see people dancing on the sidewalk. Again, it was heart-massage loud, but the dancing was so nice to see. (I do feel for those who live on Montague, though.)

  • Concerned

    I saw 4 goats this morning, cleaning the large mound of dirt at the BBP. They were having a fantastic time, eating and hanging out. Unfortunately, from the promenade, they were too far away for a good picture with my phone. Does anyone know their names?

  • MaryT

    Here’s the list of events scheduled on Montague from Claude’s post:

    ‘Hot Tea (“Latin, world, jazz”) will perform in front of the Heights Cafe, 84 Montague Street (corner of Hicks), and from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Jaime Garamella (“singer/songwriter, indie-folk, rock”) will sing in front of 132 Lounge, 132 Montague (between Henry and Clinton).’

    It’s so difficult to control sound for this type of event, and they’re happening more and more. No one is monitoring, sad to say. There were acceptable sound levels for most of the groups at Cadman Park, but one group cranked it up way too high.

  • StudioBrooklyn


  • bklyn84

    +1 Thanks! Clever! I can’t resist an add-on.

  • Bornhere

    Gersh’s opinion:

  • Concerned

    LOL! What timing!!!

  • Concerned

    The funniest thing about this is that you gave SB credit for the original photo. Good ol’ Teresa doesn’t mind shootings, brawls or thefts, but God help you if you don’t give credit to a photographer…

  • bklyn84

    Before I retired I was a senior presentation specialist with Lehman. We were very careful about crediting ANY artwork we used in our presentations. It’s just what professionals do. Teresa’s 100% right to keep the pressure on people.

  • Concerned

    I agree that artists work should always be credited.

  • Teresa

    If you’re going to mention me, at least characterize my point of view correctly. That I don’t agree with your response to the incidents in our neighborhood does not mean that I “don’t mind” crime.

  • Concerned

    If you say so.

  • StudioBrooklyn
  • Billy Henehan

    Did towing for the Mr. Robot shoot on Henry St start early?? Towing is supposed to begin at 10 PM Sunday night, but as of 9 PM, my car isn’t where I parked it between Clark and Love on Henry St. 311 has been unhelpful, and the location manager’s cell phone number’s voicemail mailbox is full.