Pedestrian Killed Crossing at Atlantic/Clinton Intersection

BoCoCa Patch reports that just before 10:00 p.m. Sunday an as yet unidentified 70 year old man was struck by a car and killed while crossing against the light at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Clinton Street. The driver remained at the scene. More details when available.

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  • Banet

    First, I hope we get a little more information as to whether the pedestrian was or was not crossing against the light. While many people do in fact cross against the light at this corner it’s also the fact that almost invariably the first information that comes out of an police report blames the dead pedestrian or cyclist, not the driver.

    Second, this is now the THIRD pedestrian death at that corner in the last 3 or 4 years. What the hell? How do we get traffic calming measures for this stretch of Atlantic?

  • Andrew Porter

    Doesn’t clarify whether they were killed crossing Atlantic—a damned stupid thing to attempt—or crossing Clinton. Original post does not provide crucial information, either.

  • alexblac

    Crossing with the light is bad enough on this junction, I’ve had plenty of near misses with drivers failing to yield.

  • KXrVrii1

    Article says the car was travelling east on Atlantic, so presumably the pedestrian was crossing Atlantic.

    So similar to the 2015 death, although there the victim was not crossing at the crosswalk:

    In the 2013 death, the car jumped the curb as it was heading north on Clinton, at the same intersection.

  • Banet

    In 2013 the car was also headed east on Atlantic but turned left onto Clinton. So all 3 accidents took place on the same corner with all 3 cars heading east up the hill.

    And in 2015 I also question whether the victim was in the crosswalk or not. Frequently the only “testimony” comes from the driver as the pedestrian is dead. It’s startling how often the drives says one thing only to have a video turn up that disproves his or her claims.

  • Quinn Raymond

    It is infuriating that we’ve lost 3 people at this intersection in just a few years. We must do more to enforce the speed limit on Atlantic Avenue.