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  • Andrew Porter

    Sorry, I don’t know this “Roberta” person.

  • Banet

    I’m pretty sure loud speakers are not legal with tour guides on foot. Maybe go out and politely confront him? Asked to get his license number? Report him if he does not cease? The regulations are there for reason.

  • Andrew Porter

    Mary Frost’s excellent Bklyn Eagle article about Wednesday’s meeting re: the PierHouse, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the proposed housing at Pier Six, is here:

    Really amazing reading!

  • Concerned

    Great post. I always heard it was an organized type brothel and had no other reason to believe differently. Thank you.

  • cool

    lots of great ideas – turn to page 28 for the new park concepts:

  • Mary

    Thanks for the link, @cool. I’m afraid that these plans, however attractive and free-flowing, will result in more noise, trash, commercial venues, and congestion. Gazillions of $ spent, too. I’d support more modest and low key updates of the existing layouts.

  • rubenkincaid

    Thanks, Banet. I’ll give that a go – I didn’t know they had license numbers.