Brooklyn Heights Association Town Hall This Wednesday-Focus on BBP Development

The Brooklyn Heights Association and it’s partners invite the community to a Town Hall this Wednesday night:

Wednesday, May 4th
7:00 – 9:00 pm
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church
157 Montague Street, entrance on Clinton Street.

Attendees will hear an update on three contentious development issues within Brooklyn Bridge Park:

1) the obstruction of the views of the Brooklyn Bridge by Pierhouse,

2) the violation of the Scenic View District (SV-1), and

3) the unnecessary towers proposed for Pier 6 at the foot of Atlantic Avenue.

The status of the ongoing lawsuits with regard to SV-1 and Pierhouse will also be reviewed.

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    As usual, not on the BHA agenda is the giveaway sale
    of our Brooklyn Heights Library.
    Leaving it to the local library group to file a lawsuit,
    done on 4/15/16.
    Details available at their website.
    BHA by agreeing to support that sale opened a Pandora’s Box
    and is now learning about the high cost of dealing with
    Let’s hope for the success of all of these lawsuits.

  • Andrew Porter

    I will be there, hope many of my fellow citizens of this glorious neighborhood are as well.

  • mac

    Sadly I was unable to attend…very interested to hear how it went and any updates worth sharing…

  • Sharon T

    The BHA was asked how could they have allowed things to get to this state? They really didn’t have an answer. Then there were more appeals for money. But the BHA has reportedly $200,000 assets at last accounting. So why can’t/won’t the BHA fund the legal battle? This was never answered.

    The issue that the destruction of our library and the actions of the BBPC are part of ONE pattern of RE we-can-get-away-with-anything culture was very properly raised.

    Also, the whole question of why they are confining their actions to CIVIL legal actions and not going for some kind of action in CRIMINAL court was carefully and almost totally avoided.

  • Mary

    There’s an article on the BHA meeting in the Eagle today. Is this too little, too late? I hope not. In addition to the clear violation of views, the ancillary problems created by a large recreational, residential and commercial venue (I can’t call it a park anymore) bordering and intruding into a landmark residential neighborhood are simmering, and ready to boil over.

  • Andrew Porter

    Read all about it here: