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  • Concerned

    Brooklyn Heights is the best neighborhood in the world.

  • Greg

    Please try to keep this open thread civil and productive.

    The last one was a severe disappointment.

  • DIBS

    Citation, please.

  • William Gilbert

    Does anyone know what happened to the NYC Landmarks plaque that used to be on the Chase Bank at Montague and Clinton? The outline of the plaque is still there to the left of the entrance, but the plaque itself has disappeared.

  • Willow Street Watch

    I agree, just everybody not start any attacks or rock throwing…

    NEWS FLASH: About 20 people from 11201 are signed up to go to the Trump rally tonight at Bethpage.

  • Brixtony

    What a surprise from this source. NOT.

  • DIBS

    And your point is????

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, the Heights is going to contribute, on both sides, to a national event. Given the media focus there is going to be on what’s going to be said in the wake of Wisconsin. I’m sure the Heights and vacinity are going to contribute their share of protesters tonight.

  • DIBS

    Yes, I’m sure there are people in the Heights on both sides of Trump support

  • Joe Dudas

    Fresh Direct truck noise pollution: Your thoughts?

  • alexblac

    and generally terrible drivers. Safety hazard and not very sustainable.

  • Banet

    Just to throw out a positive comment, I reported a number of potholes on 3 different occasions via the city’s 311 iPhone app. I’m happy to report they were al addressed within days of being reported. Heck, two I reported at 9am Friday were filled by 7pm Sunday.

    Anyone else have any 311 success stories?

  • DIBS

    Life in the big city.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    That’s exactly what perhaps I imprecisely intended to say. You can be sure there will be Heights/downtown people in the protests. So there is going to representation on both sides.

    But Grumman studios is a BIG place.

  • Reggie

    Personal opinion doesn’t need a citation. However, when commenters write, ‘Every study shows,’ then I want to know what reports they are referring to.

  • DIBS

    Yes, I know that. Concerned should have added “in my opinion.” At which pooint I would have asked how many other neighborhoods in cities has she been to. But thanks for taking the bait. But to continue on the topic, there are many neighborhoods in cities around the country and around the world, just as nice or better than Brooklyn Heights. People need to get out and travel more.

  • DIBS

    Daily News: Do you really? Do you really? How do you ride the subway today?

    Sanders: What do you mean, “How do you ride the subway?”

    Daily News: How do you get on the subway today?

    Sanders: You get a token and you get in.

    Daily News: Wrong.

    Read the rest of the interview. He’s clueless as to how to regulate Wall Street, his primary platform…

  • Jorale-man

    They are very responsive – surprisingly so. I can’t say I’ve always agreed with their outcomes (I’ve reported on loud, ongoing noise and the feedback was “no noise detected”). But at least they act on requests.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Here the Heights could take a lesson from Bensonhurst and some other
    areas of Brooklyn. When there’s a noise or disorder problem, someone gets up and gets the problem/condition on Recordable DVD or on a phone video. Then they march into the community board and pols and yell, once everyone knows there’s no deniability, then they really yell at the city for action.

    But if you DON’T have on high def Video, they all do the “10-70″ game. They go to the scene, its of course quiet by then, and list your report/ complaint as “Unfounded”….

  • Concerned

    Oh Dibs, how very pedantic of you. I didn’t respond because I want to keep it positive for this OTW. So to keep keeping it positive, I’d like to see a citation to your assertion that “People need to get out and travel more.” Just kidding. Take it easy my Bentley driving friend.

  • AnonyMom

    I have had success in the past (I report the ones on Cadman Plaza) but so far, the city hasn’t responded to my call to 311 from about 2 weeks ago. But, maybe the crews are making the rounds in the Heights now.

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting. They should have an option for uploading video evidence to their website. I also wonder if the police are more responsive to noise complaints in neighborhoods like the Heights than in less affluent areas. I’m sure there’s data on that if you look for it.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    No, its not that they’re initially more responsive, its just whom someone gets so outraged that they go down and high def. document the problem that the nonsense with pols and agencies stops/greatly reduces size. Sometimes you have to rent a (well calibrated) decibel meter and put that in the video!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    1. You read Jezebel?!
    2. Please let us know which presidential candidate rides the subway and I guess we should vote for that one, or give them a bunch of money, or however elections work in the United States.

  • AnnofOrange

    The Repast Baroque Ensemble will offer “Capriccio Stravagante/A Musical Portrait of the Exuberant Early Baroque” on Friday, April 8th, at 8 PM in the McKinney Chapel, Unitarian Church, 116 Pierrepont Street (between Monroe Pl and Clinton St). A pre-concert talk takes place at 7:15 PM. Tickets are $35 (Seniors/Students: $20). Advance tickets may be purchased at More information is available at the group’s website:

  • DIBS

    1. It had the summation of the Daily News interview and was handy to cut and paste. And, do I detect a bit of envy if you’re not the only jezebel quoted here? :-)

    2. If you’re going to campaign in NYC and represent yourself as a candidate “of the people and for the people” maybe knowing even a modicum about riding the subway and showing a Metro card is a good way of showing it.

  • Greg

    Thank you. :)

    Your original comment reminded me how happy I am to live here.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    1. I’m not clever enough to come up with a witty retort yet but I’m sure it’ll come to me.
    2. Wouldn’t that be the kind of pandering we ought to frown upon and not be wooed by?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I love it here too.

  • DIBS

    1. I’ll wait for it. I’m sure it will be good.

    2. Not someone like you. Just the low information voters; of which there are many.