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  • StudioBrooklyn

    I just did my own…I’ll wait for the admins to come and clean up my mess, like “Annoyed”‘s dog walker. :)

  • DIBS

    Lesson learned????

  • StudioBrooklyn

    We have to wait and see whether I post copyrighted photos again, then we’ll know. ;)

  • Abbeykira

    Asya Indian Restaurant on Henry. Any thoughts?

  • DCS

    I have great idea. Why doesn’t the Jehovah Witnesses donate one of their buildings to the city for a new school? Or, why doesn’t the city buy one of their buildings on the market? The two massive buildings in the north heights would be perfect for a new PS8 or middle school. The heights has a real opportunity to transform one of these buildings into a very special school and solve the space shortage problem.

  • WillowL

    It’s good. but expensive.

  • Roberto Gautier

    Great idea. There is a tradition that would support such a give back. It would be truly ecumenical and indicative that the JW caring extends beyond its own.

  • DCS

    Brooklyn Heights has been very good for JV and they will make a fortune selling buildings they bought for a song many years ago. The city should approach JV and see if they can acquire of the old Squib building by Fulton. The large floor plates and high floors would make a great school. Imagine if the city had bought the old Bossert Hotel and turned it into a public school?! It would be the pride of the neighborhood.

  • SongBirdNYC

    I’ve attended PEP meetings and testified to this exact point. It’s good to see that others agree. The School Construction Authority resides under the Division of Operations of the DOE. They are the entity that makes these decisions. Here’s the contact info for the SCA’s President: Lorraine Grillo, President and CEO
    30-30 Thomson Avenue
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    (718) 472-8001 Elizabeth Rose, Deputy Chancellor of Operations is another key stakeholder. (212) 374-0209

  • Concerned

    You’re all class, DIBS. I know that because you have an Internet tuxedo and rolls royce.

  • Claude Scales

    Good question. The website that lists permitted fireworks displays in NYC doesn’t show anything after December 7.

  • Claude Scales

    Excellent; more expensive than most Indian restaurants, but not astronomical, and well worth it.

  • Claude Scales

    When the developer, architects, and BPL did a survey, I listed preservation of the bas reliefs as important to me. The renderings of the building are ambiguous; some from the interior show continuous panes of glass (as I recall, “improved natural illumination” or words to that effect were used), but exterior renderings seem to show areas of masonry between some windows.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    More expensive than Curry Heights, to be precise, by about two or three dollars per dinner menu item. Having tasted “real” Indianish Diaspora cuisine (in London!), I’d say NYC’s fare in general has a long way to catch up, but Asya’s a pretty good size fish in its own pond.

    Also important: very friendly waitstaff, great with kids, and good atmosphere.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    It’s a Bentley, I thought.

  • DIBS

    It’s a Rolls in the avatar. It’s a Bentley in real life

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hah, I was just thinking, I just assume everything is sarcastic when it’s online and in writing, especially here. It’s a safer bet.

  • Concerned

    Don’t sweat it, DIBS. You’re still one of my favorite characters on the blog. You’re either Victor Garber rolling around in a Bentley, or you’re some pimple popping teenager who is a sophomore at St. Anne’s (who probably is also rolling around in a Bentley). Merry Christmas.

  • Andrew Porter

    Remember the sinkhole that opened on the path down from Clark and Columbia Heights onto the Promenade? I noticed today there’s some settling there, and I wonder if the sinkhole may be coming back. I called the BHA about this.

    Meanwhile, a doctor at 35 Remsen Street has decided he’s not bound by Landmarks, and has erected a large sign in the front of his office, next to the sidewalk.

  • DIBS

    Merry Christmas all!!!!

  • Jorale-man

    The NY Times tried to get answers (again) on the ill-fated Squibb Park Bridge today. Not surprisingly, Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t give a satisfying answer:

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Image permission GRANTED! I took the photo. Happy Boxing Day everyone. :)

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Looks like development is going on at 2 Montague locations: corner where dumpling house used to be, and vacant location next to L&H where Starbucks used to be. (Sorry, don’t have addresses offhand.) Any leads?

  • HereToStay

    It was so disappointing last year – feel like in years past it was so much better.

  • Reggie

    True to a point. Certain licenses require attribution and declaration of the type of license.

  • Teresa

    Yes–sorry for the now-out-of-context comment (which I left up for archival/education purposes). The photos in question were scanned from a book and posted without permission. Thanks for adding that.