Will Derelict 100 Clark, at Monroe Place, Finally be Rebuilt?

The Eagle reports that construction workers were seen jackhammering the sidewalk outside the derelict eyesore that is 100 Clark Street, at the corner of Monroe Place, on Friday. According to the Eagle story, George Arzt, a spokesman for the building’s owner, Newcastle Realty Services, said the workers were “doing preliminary sidewalk and shed work in preparation for receiving the necessary permits from city agencies.” The Eagle story continues:

Newcastle’s restoration design, as approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, includes slate roof shingles and wrought iron fencing, the addition of a stoop and entrance stair on Monroe Place and the recreation of a mansard roof that had been added long ago to 100 Clark.

The restored building will have five apartments, probably condos. Under its previous ownership it had been chopped up into eighteen.

I walked by this morning and took the photo above. I was disappointed not to see any construction activity; but, as the story says, the owners are awaiting permits. I hope, as do many neighbors, that the permits come soon and that, when they do, construction will proceed promptly. Newcastle has owned the building for five years.

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  • Concerned

    I heard the rats currently living there sold to some big fat cat developer who is going to build a 30 story luxury condo development. Each rat is to receive $100,000.00. However, there was a minority of mice who objected to the sale because the money was “not enough to sell their souls” and ruin a neighborhood they raised their families in. Apparently, the koi in the adjacent koi pond are protesting the development, as their quality of living will be severely stunted through 3+ years of heavy construction and permanent loss of natural light, as well as the predilection of the fat cat to eat the koi, the mice and the rats.

  • Jorale-man

    Amazing that they previously squeezed 18 apartments into that single house. It must have been quite a place. Hope the rebuilding is a success.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    When the metaphors write themselves, what further use will we have for poets?

  • AEB

    Use them as planters?

  • DIBS

    I knew there would be someone offended by this being developed for some reason or another.

  • Concerned

    I knew there would be someone who misconstrued my post for some reason or another.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the first of my photos of the removal of the top floors from the unstable structure:

  • Andrew Porter

    And the second photo, taken with the help of a woman living on the 20th floor of 101 Clark Street:

  • Andrew Porter

    At one time it was a gorgeous mansion. The garden was infilled with more building after it was broken up into apartments.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here are the plans which were approved back in 2012. I have no idea why there was such a long delay!

  • mlcraryville

    I wonder whether the developer is some kind of deadbeat with a plan but no financing. They’ve been telling us they’re waiting for permits for at least three years, maybe longer. The sidewalk repair, unfortunately, is probably due to the slip, trip and fall hazards the decrepit sidewalk has presented for at least five years. The question is: What is the delay and blame game they are playing? So far, they have been an irresponsible, rat-infested curse on the Heights and on the block.