Dispelling Holiday Loneliness, One Guest at a Time

It’s no big secret that while the holidays are a source of great joy to many, they can also be a time of loneliness and sadness. But one Brooklyn Heights woman is doing something about that, says the Brooklyn Paper

“To have to sit by yourself and have no one to talk to at Christmas is pretty horrible,” says Fagen, 78, who wants to team up with like-minded altruists and resurrect her famous Holiday Dinner Group — winner of a mayoral humanitarian award and subject of a glowing New York Times write-up back in the day. “I want to do it now while I’m still healthy.”

For decades Fagen hosted a local holiday party, gathering people to celebrate who might otherwise have spent the holiday alone; health issues led to a hiatus, but she’s back this year, and the full story is well worth your time, to warm the cockles of your heart as the Fagen infuses the Heights with the real spirit of the holiday.

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