Tell Us, Daily News, When Did Johnson Street Become Part of Brooklyn Heights?

Rocco Parascandola and Thomas Tracy in today’s Daily News, report that a 14 year old boy who had earlier been involved in ” a brutal attack on another teen while riding a Brooklyn bus” was, on Monday charged with illegal weapons possession for trying to bring a pistol into school (the chronology of the Daily News story is a bit confusing; it says the bus incident was on September 3 and the pistol incident on “Monday”–presumably October 5 as the story is datelined October 10–but also says the two incidents happened “on the same week”). The story then says the boy “brought the handgun to MS 8 on Johnson St. in Brooklyn Heights.”

Well, is Johnson Street “in Brooklyn Heights”? In the words of James Thurber and, perhaps, Casey Stengel, “You could look it up.” I did (although, having lived in the Heights for 32 years, I was sure of the answer), and the result is on the map you see with this post. Johnson Street does not enter Brooklyn Heights; it is entirely, as the map indicates, in Downtown Brooklyn.

Has the Daily News ascribed to Brooklyn Heights a drang nach Osten?.

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  • e

    it’s close enough for discomfort.

  • Reggie

    The incident happened at MS 8, the middle school associated with PS 8, which is located in Brooklyn Heights and the elementary school for Heights residents. A degree or two of separation is probably all the Daily News needed to lose track of what is where.

  • Andrew Porter

    At least they didn’t call it “Tech Place,” the name Johnson Street is also saddled with as it goes through the Brooklyn Poly (now NYU Engineering School) campus.

    Here’s Johnson Street east of Fulton Street, in the heady days of yore when the Brooklyn Eagle Building was on the corner: