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Now we know what’s replacing Pete’s Waterfront Ale House: goodbye, eclectic and interesting menu; hello Brado Thin Crust Pizza. With Table 87 and Luzzo’s already in place, this stretch of Atlantic was really crying for another pie joint.

IMG_2087_1CVS has announced their soon to be presence at Clinton and Montague, former home of Rite Aid. Signage indicates they may also be taking the space at Clinton and Remsen, which seems to be cut off from the space at Montague by the apartment building’s entrance and elevators. Maybe there’s a tunnel through the basement? Anyway, we hope their robo-checkout machines work better than the ones at Henry and Love Lane.

IMG_2088_1The windows at 132 Montague, formerly Eamonn’s, formerly Taperia, are papered over, and a sign at the door says it’s “momentarily closed for inventory.” This has been up for a while. Uh-huh.

IMG_2089_1Chocolate Works is also closed, with papered-over windows, but their sign promises a firm re-opening date: Monday, August 17.

IMG_2114_1The ugly one story building in Brooklyn Bridge Park, along Furman roughly from below Montague to below Remsen, has been demolished. It appears that the rubble is being gathered to serve as the base for a new sound-absorbing berm, which is planned to go there.

IMG_2134_1We were glad when the construction bridge that covered much of the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade came down about a month ago. Now, it seems, one is about to cover the Clark Street entrance. It’s for a good reason, but still unsightly.

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  • AEB

    Claude, you might wish to report on the facade–but it’s really more than that–renovation that’s happening at the building on the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh.

    The horrid “white brick” stucco cladding is gone and a period-“perfect” replacement emerging. But why have the top two floors been mostly completed while the bottom one remains completely untouched, merely stripped to the facade’s underpinnings? To allow tenants to move back sooner rather than later. Curious!

  • Bongo

    Yay! Pizza! Perhaps they’ll be open the one month of the year that Fascati’s is closed. Slightly disappointed that Brado hasn’t chosen to go with the more traditional “Papyrus” typeface on the awning.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Might as well use Brush Script or Comic Sans. Bad enough that JTH went with Papyrus…if I see another restaurant go that direction I’m tempted to become one of those neighborhood vandals our beloved troll WSW fears so much and start going around with a red paint marker commenting on restaurant typefaces.

    I’m that kind of nerd.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Anyone know what’s up with the “Truman Capote” house on Willow St? There is a huge red water storage container, hoses running from fire hydrant to back of construction site and other hoses to container. They are releasing huge amounts of muddy water into the street and catch basin. I hope they are paying the city for the water they are using.

  • StoptheChop

    probably for their swimming pool in the backyard

  • gerrymander

    Can someone explain why there’s also a large CVS sign at the corner of Clinton and Remsen? Are they taking over the old Talbots space as well?

  • Resident

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I sure hope they don’t leave the Love Lane location… I’m afraid of that could end up there!

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Something for the tourists, I hope. They have so little.

  • Boerum Bill

    Another brick oven pizza joint? There aren’t enough rooftop farms in Bushwick to turn out organic tomatoes to support all of them!

  • Willow Street Watch

    The really serious neighborhood vandals are in a large dutch styled building on lower Montague St and in a certain organization we all know.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’ll thank you not to make such inflammatory insinuations about my beloved Five Guys! So what if they happen to be Scientologists?!

  • Willow Street Watch

    We looked into that: word is that when they reached a certain point in construction they hit an underground stream. But this may only what certain parties are telling people. Unitll the big box, they didn’t really effect Willow much. The noise has been fairly low and we have not had tons of construction equipment/trucks blocking the street so…

  • e

    Speaking of the Bossert, is there any new information about the timeline? Have they managed to attract a hotel operator? Thanks —

  • Andrew Porter

    This was covered quite extensively, with many photos and plans, here, last October:

  • Andrew Porter

    Hs the Mafia opened a branch here? Do they do take-out?

  • Andrew Porter

    Last I heard, they plan a 2016 opening. But I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  • Andrew Porter

    About the sidewalk shed in the bottom photo above, exactly how many times has that building had one? I walked by today, and it extends on the Promenade all the way out to just behind the seats. Perhaps they’ll also replace the corroded and pitted asphalt pavers that were apparently damaged in previous work on this building.

  • Andrew Porter

    On the building which I’ve started calling “Mordor-on-the-River,” construction work on the far northern end of the southern, lower building is now above the level of the Promenade. Really???

  • AEB

    Thanks, Andrew. I DO recall the article–but remain confused. It appears that the facade of top two floors will be (and are) wood-covered, but the one beneath? The article speaks of brick, but the proposed elevations show wood.

    As mentioned, the top two floors are completed, but the one below it is untouched awaiting…brick?

  • GHB

    Actually, the pavers were not damaged as a result of work on the building. The original sinkhole made it necessary to look at the building’s foundation and make needed repairs.

  • GHB

    The lousy repair of the walkway is on the city!

  • JoT

    All of this makes me very sad and frustrated – WHY another pizza joint on Atlantic? What are business owners thinking? Pizza on Atlantic is the new nail salons on Montague. Enough already.

    And another CVS. Awesome. So that brings the chain drugstore count to five within a three block radius, unless you count as one the new CVS that extends then ENTIRE BLOCK.

    And Mordor-on-the-River, as @disqus_UxVlbPXzBJ:disqus brilliantly referred to it…nothing but pure disgust for everyone involved in that thing. So now views directly from the promenade towards the river are blocked? When is the next hearing? I want to make sure I hear the judge explain exactly WHY this is okay. I have not wished vandalism – nay, destruction – on a building as badly as I wish it on Mordor.

    TL;DR? F these awful, mediocre, stupid developments.

  • JoT

    Hm, that’s meant to read, “as Andrew Porter referred to it”…for some reason, Disqus decided to do that. Sorry Mr. Porter.

  • StoptheChop

    and just wait until the Pier 6 highrises — “we’ve decided to build them even if we don’t need them” — go up. Mordor bookends!

  • Willow Street Watch

    I vote for a return of Bohack’s at the site…or a Daniel Reeves!

  • Breakfast at the Promenade

    It’s so disgusting… I dreamed of living here and I do and this breaks my heart, I can’t imagine the effect on who has been living in the neighboord their whole life…

  • Eddyde

    It was “Peter Reeves”.