Six Reasons the Brooklyn Heights Area is Turning Into L.A.

Yes, friends, our cozy corner of the world is showing signs of becoming an outpost of Southern California. Don’t believe it? For starters, we have a beach. It even gets occasional bits of surf when a passing vessel raises a wake.

IMG_1417_1There’s a surf shop in DUMBO.

BBP VolleyballIf you don’t feel like riding the wild surf, Brooklyn Bridge Park has beach volleyball.

30 HenryThen we have Homes of the Stars. Above is a rendering of 30 Henry Street, “The Heights,” where, as Curbed reported, last December Lena Dunham paid $4.8 million for a four bedroom apartment that takes up an entire floor. Of course, in March of this year she also bought a “cottage” in L.A. that once belonged to George Peppard. That just proves the point, though. She’s at home on both coasts. And there are other screen and stage luminaries living here. Someone will figure out how to get rich by selling maps.

BQE-420x263We have big traffic jams.

IMG_1323_1A-a-a-nd, here’s the clincher: the Adams Street palm tree.

Beach volleyball photo: Brooklyn Heights Parents

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  • Eddyde

    The transformation won’t be complete until people refer to the BQE as “The Two Seventy Eight”.

  • Jorale-man

    #7: That new juice bar on Henry near Montague?

  • Willow Street Watch

    It’s now LA? Great! I’m for that…let’s get a bunch of George Barris and Roth cars to kruze the former Heights. Henry St can become the new Santa Monica or Colorado Blvd and Hicks will be the new Pamona or Lions Dragway! Finally, let’s pipe really strong SURF MUSIC into the Boro Hall and Clark St.Stations…let’s see, yes we’ll start with Zorchy by the Vibrants, then Little Stick Nomad by the Competitors and finally a dozen sides from the Astronauts…..

  • Owen Hughes

    Now that is the first suggestion of yours on this blog I can really get behind!