More Info on Proposed Changes to Pier Six Towers

According to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s press release, the following changes are proposed for the residential towers at Pier Six:

Each of the site’s two buildings would be reduced by three floors from the heights permitted under the Park’s 2005 General Project Plan (GPP) while including a substantial affordable component. In response to community concerns, the recommended project comprises 339 units – a reduction from the 430 permitted at the site – space for a 75-seat universal pre-K facility, a 1,500-square foot community facility, plus ground floor uses and streetscape upgrades to enhance the park experience and create a welcoming gateway to the Park. The project would be built with union labor under an expected project labor agreement between the developers and the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York.

The selection of a joint venture between RAL Development Services and Oliver’s Realty Group to develop the Pier Six sites is subject to approval by the BBPC’s board of directors. As we’ve previously noted, the proposed changes to the Park’s General Project Plan effecting changes to the proposed buildings and the inclusion of affordable housing are subject to review by the Empire State Development Corporation’s board, and there is a possibility that a new environmental review will be required.

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  • Johannes

    Welcome to Battery Park City II

  • Jorale-man

    So the tall one will be 27 stories instead of 30. Nobody will even notice that difference. We’ve seen how they disfigured the northerly views from the Promenade, now they’re about to do the same southward.

    Remember folks: once this is built, it’s there for good. There’s no going back.

  • Reggie

    Yeah, cause a 70-acre park really is no different than a waterfront esplanade.

  • John B

    Battery Park is 25 acres of land. BBP is 70 acres of land and water, mostly water. When they talk of maintaining 70 acres, they include the water btw the piers.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Of course, this is a mixture of battery city with its amazing level of binal ity and uglyness and palisades park physical and social disruption effects. Of course this, for a community like Brooklyn Heights is like someone dumping the social equivalent of RED BAG hospital waste placed next to us in terms of quality of life. Not to mention the myriad
    of real safety issues involved.

    Now, what is anyone going to do about it? Complain? Cluck like hens?
    Continue the useless avenues of protest which have so far produced
    scant results?

    Or does anyone feel like doing something which has the real prospect of halting and/or reversing this downward spiral they have put us all in….?

    Notice that nowhere in any of the actions so far proposed or promoted by and community “leaders” is there any kind of real PEALITY for the Heights wreckers’ actions. This is why the slezoids on the CB 2 or the darlings on the NYDC and the BBPC can sit in such arrogant smugness knowingly placing, make no mistake, red bag conditions next to us…

  • StoptheChop

    Actually, the towers will still be the maximum heights allowed, but including the 30′ of mechanicals. The BBPC agreed to that interpretation of the height limit after the Pier 1 debacle.

  • Owen Hughes

    Yet again, Willow Street Watch you amaze with your combination of fractured English and oh so thinly veiled classist bigotry. You’re comparing the people who will be brought to the area by the construction of these buildings to bio-hazardous waste? Or is there another interpretation we are to put on the phrase “…the social equivalent of RED BAG hospital waste”? And for all of your posturing about people not being prepared to do what it takes to achieve real results, I have yet to see you offer any evidence of concrete actions you have undertaken to accomplish the goals you claim to hold so dear. Until you do, it’s all just talk; not exactly the kind of PEALITY (??) that is going to stop the developers in their tracks.

  • Reggie

    Johannes wrote Battery Park City, not Battery Park. That mixed-use development on the Hudson River is 92 acres, approximately one-third of which is open space. However, the parkland there has a different relationship to the buildings than at Brooklyn Bridge Park. At BPC, the open space between the buildings and the water is an esplanade, considerably narrower than the park here. BBP is 85 acres, over 80% is terra firma.

  • Willow Street Watch

    In terms of what the park and its effects are going to do to the unique and irreplaceable treasure that Brooklyn Heights is, its exactly the equivalent of the damage done to the average neighborhood if some very highly destructive policy or official behavior was visited on the
    environ. And its not exactly the people, because they’re a mix of many types. Yes, it’s the disorderly ranging to the criminal elements which are a component of who will be attracted. But my all too accurate observa- tion was on the overall effect the park will have

    The basic physical Heights is not structured for something like the park. And then you add the thousands and thousands of new residents?!? The crowds, the traffic, the noise….and the very real degradation of our safety net. Not one new cop, fireman or ems after a radical increase in population?

    As far as what I have done in this crisis, I have carefully detailed a three step program to disrupt this downward spiral.. I have tirelessly met with community leaders and advocates. I have tirelessly testified before now countless committees, commissions and boards seeking to stop and reverse or at least reduce the damage being done.

  • Willow Street Watch

    At this point however, considering events, I and my associates are considering stronger action(s). But just what we have so far worked towards would strongly represent a penalty for the Heights wreckers.

    As far as being a “classist” (one more new PC category of impermiss ible behavior) yes, I do feel that the Heights contains a valuable cit?izenry and the value of any area depends on the value of the human material it contains. If you are so PC divorced from basic reality to object to that, I invite you to make the most of what I stated.m

    Now, may I ask what are YOU doing or willing to do in this crisis? Something? Anything at all?….yeah, I thought so…