84th Precinct Crime Blotter

First up, we have an update to a jarring attack last week in which five teens beat up a 16-year-old Clinton Street resident, sending him to the hospital for emergency jaw surgery. A police source at the 84th precinct said cops are still searching for the perps, but may be close to identifying them. The assault classification was also upgraded to a second degree felony count, up from third degree.

And new this week:

Cops arrested a wanted burglar on March 2, but not without a serious fight. The police had identified a 21-year-old man wanted for four robberies in Brooklyn, and found him at a Schermerhorn hotel, between Hoyt and Bond streets. Cops did not elaborate where the robberies had taken place.
Just as cops arrived to the man’s room around 10 am, the perp realized what was happening and jumped out of a second-story window. The cops raced to the courtyard, and collared him there. That’s when he started kicking his feet to prevent a search, grabbed a loaded 9mm-gun that he had in his pants, and fired a round into the air. No one was injured, and cops took the perp in handcuffs to Kings County Hospital.

A man tried to mug a woman on her commute to work on March 8, but was foiled when she screamed. The incident happened at 6:15 am when the woman was getting off the bus near Joralemon and Court streets. As she stepped to the sidewalk, a man grabbed her purse and started to run. But just as she screamed, the man dropped it and said to her, “Don’t follow me.”
The 64-year-old woman told cops all her belongings were still in the purse, but didn’t get a good look at the man because it was still dark out.

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