84th Precinct Crime Blotter

The Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights Blogs are starting a new weekly feature to bring you the local police precincts’ crime logs every Tuesday. We’ll cover the 76th precinct in Cobble Hill (at CHB) and 84th for the Brooklyn Heights area (at BHB), and get as much info as we can from the cops about what happened, when, and where it was.

Privacy rules — and captains’ orders — prohibit us from publishing victims’ names and the incidents’ specific addresses, but we’ll give you all the other details as best we know them. And, if you know anymore about the alleged crime, let us know in the comments or email us at <webmaster AT brooklynheightsblog.com> directly. We will stay on top of the bigger ones, and check back in with the cops as the investigations progress.

That said, we now launch our crime logs.

84th Precinct, Brooklyn Heights
Week of Feb. 22-Mach 2, 2009

Thugs beat up a 16-year-old Clinton Street boy on Feb. 24, sending him to the hospital for jaw surgery but ultimately not robbing him.The incident happened around 5 pm near the corner of Clinton and Joralemon streets, when the five large teenagers approached the victim and his two friends. One asked what time it was, and another then said, “Don’t worry — we’re not going to steal your phone.” That’s when the gang started punching and kicking the victim. Witnesses called the cops, but the hoodlums fled before cops arrived. The boy went to the hospital, where doctors had to operate on his jaw.
Cops are looking for the pack, one of whom was wearing a red and white jersey and matching hat.

Scallywags broke into a popular Remsen Street deli in the early morning of Feb. 23, looting the place of $1,500 cash and $2,600 worth of lottery tickets. The incident happened between 1:45 am and 6 am, the deli’s owner told cops.
When he got to the deli, which is between Clinton and Court streets, he saw that the metal gate was raised and the front window was smashed in. The business doesn’t have an alarm or video surveillance equipment, but cops said they are still investigating the incident.

A thief grabbed a woman’s purse at a Montague Street bar on Feb. 26 after she left it unattended for an hour. The incident happened around 8:30 pm when the Long Island woman hung her purse on a hook beneath the bar, which is near Clinton Street. But when she reached for it an hour later, it was missing — and with it, her mp3 player and wallet.

Dead of night
Cops arrested a thug for mugging a woman on Feb. 28. The incident happened just before 2 am when the 38-year-old woman was walking home to her Hicks Street home.
The woman was at Cadman Plaza West and Tillary Street when suddenly the man grabbed her from behind, put his arm around her, and punched her in the face. He grabbed her purse — in which she had $85, two Metrocards, and a digital camera — and fled the scene. But cops caught up with him on Tillary Street, and got the woman’s belongings back.
An ambulance then took her to Long Island College Hospital.

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  • Nelson

    “scallywags”? Who writes these reports?

  • Homer Fink

    Nelson – feel free to suggest some other names

  • Bongo

    Agreed, this anti-Irish diatribe has to end! We honest, hard-working farmservants know better than to rob Brooklyn Delis. We’re certainly smart enough to lottery tickets are very traceable

  • Sarah Portlock

    I write them. And I meant it like “rascals,” not the historical “scalawag.”

  • Bongo

    …although not smart enough to type “know” between the words “to” and “lottery”

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    BH is the new Bushwick!

  • Bongo

    Just kidding.
    I think this is a great feature. Verging on the Ministry of Fear a little, but definitely good information. Thanks.

  • Troubled Reader

    The story about the 16-year-old boy is scary stuff. How is he doing now? Did he know his attackers? Were he and his friend, or any of the witnesses, able to provide useful descriptions to the police?

  • GHB

    Sarah, scallywags and rascals are not involved. These are thugs, criminals, muggers and thieves, plain and simple. And who the hell would leave their purse unattended in a bar for an hour? Jeez, this IS New York!

  • Just a Neighbor

    People, can we concentrate on the content of these stories and not on trivial aspects of the language used?

    A teenage boy was jumped at 5 p.m., a grown woman minding is assaulted and robbed walking home.. this is scary stuff happening in our neighborhood. Maybe we should be discussing crime prevention solutions and sharing tips on how to be safe instead..sorry to go off, but those two stories are really upsetting to me.

  • another jen

    i think this is a great feature. you always hear that this stuff is going on in every neighborhood but BH prides itself on being “safe.” nowhere is safe – this is NYC and people should be vigilant wherever they are.

    i encourage the resurrection of “fisticuffs.”

  • GHB

    Just a Neighbor, I agree completely! I was just pissed that the language used makes these stories look somehow amusing, and they’re most certainly not.

  • nabeguy

    I hate the blotter language as well…too many puns for my liking (Homer, you’re not secretly writing them. are you?). These are serious crimes, but try to put a bit of perspective on them. The boys story, horrific as it is, is a bit confusing..was it a robbery or a random act of violence or perhaps a teenage vandetta? Not enough info to really tell.
    As for the woman mugged at 2:00 AM on Tillary Street, it’s also scary, but that’s not exactly the place you want to be at 2:00 AM by an open park that’s a know hang-out for the homeless. At least that incident ended in an arrest.

  • PJL

    Should we accept crime/park as a hangout for the homeless?
    Where’s the police presence if this is known to us??

    Lots of residential buildings along Cadman/Clinton… would be nice to be able to walk home safely at any time of day or night….

    Not a shot at you nabeguy, just thoughts as there seems to be a lot more crime than a few years ago….

  • Harry the Horse

    It is so very difficult to believe anything written in our local paper. Charges were “upgraded to Third degree” making it an assault? Third degree assault is a misdemeanor; 1st and 2nd degrees are felonies. Nice job, Reporter, what other facts are wrong if you can’t even get that right?.

  • Jazz

    ….and the non-sequitur award goes to… Harry the Horse….

  • nabeguy

    PJL, I totally concur with you…and I fear it will only get worse as the economy tanks. Someone mentioned a homeless encampment on the Promenade just the other day. Unfortunately, the police tend to defer to Social Services when dealing with homelessness, and with the budget cuts that NY state and city are facing, where do you think the initial slices will be made? Small wonder that the sale of guns and safes are on the rise.