Good Night, Sweet Chimp

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel

BHB contributor Frances Kuffel caught this sad scene of an abandoned stuffed chimp on a snow covered curbed in Brooklyn Heights yesterday.

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  • vspingola

    I walked right by that poor monkey tonight. It was kind of sad but you can bet a pet accident was involved in the it’s untimely demise.

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Hopefully, Sanitation will rescue him and he will spend his remaining days smiling as he rides on the front of an NYC DS truck.

  • Andrew

    Now cracks a primate heart. Goodnight, sweet Chimp.
    And flights of simian angels sing thee to thy rest.

  • BHer

    So what are the guidelines with sledding at the dog run? I always thought the deal was when it snowed and it was being used for sledding, the dogs weren’t allowed. Is this true? I was there yesterday with my kids and there were a lot of dogs, sledders, skiiers and snowboarders. It seemed to be dangerous for the dogs and the kids.

  • bklyn20

    RE: Hillside Dog Park/Squibb Hill Dog Run rules:

    To the best of my knowledge, the dogs, their owners, and the sledders are supposed to co-extist amicably. The steepest part of the slope, near the entrance on the top of the hill, is for the sledders’ use, unlesss of course there is no one sledding. General rules are also spelled out on the Parks Department sign, I think.

    I heard that all was fine, although somehow a picnic table was angled against a tree bench — a snowboarding jump-off point?

  • Naber

    Yes to the picnic table. Teenagers at work – it was quite impressive to watch actually.

    Some of the dogs were really excited by all of the activity. None of them seemed aggressive, but they are scary to the smaller kids. The dogs would charge at the kids at the bottom of the hill. I can understand why it was scary – especially when you are under 4 feet and the dog is in your face.

  • epc

    I skip Hillside when there’s sledders or snowboarders. The sledders seem incapable of steering their sleds and the snowboarders seem all too willing to board into where people are standing with their dogs.

  • vspingola

    How did this become a thread about the dog park?

  • Daryl Hannah

    epc, you’re right. That’s why the rules of the park tell the doglovers to hoof it on over to the fenced-in area during sledding times.

  • epc

    Well, it is a dog park. It’s not like I’m taking my precious children to go sledding into piles of dog shit.

  • Daryl Hannah

    The aforesaid dog shit wouldn’t be in the way of the sledders if the owners could be bothered to read the sign on the park gate. Sorry, move to Westchester if your dog can’t handle being tortured in a 300 square foot studio all day.

  • epc

    Yes, because magical mystical fairy elves come and clean up the shit before sledding day happens.

    “Help, help, I’m being repressed! The vicious dog owners of Brooklyn have tarred my beautiful urine soaked wood chip and shit covered sledding hill and conspired against my precious, my preciousss, my preciousss from getting her moment to soak up the fumes of the BQE!!!”

  • vspingola

    again…Monkey Chair to Poopy Doggy park. What don’t I get?

  • frances k

    & how scary is it for a dog to have a sled careening with a screaming kid straight at it?

    Owners are generally good about cleaning up at the Hill because there are other people watching. You’ll find more shit walking down Clark Street.

    I don’t take my dogs to the park on snow days. But I do let them goof off on the Promenade for a few minutes of ya-ya time.

  • Billy Reno

    I have no chimpathy for this stuffed beast. The simians are rebelling as we hurtle towards an inevitable “Planet of the Apes”! And I just don’t have the gams to pull off the loincloth look.