It is Written (in Snow)


Taken on Clark Street. Flickr photo via Jackie.Berg

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  • Claude Scales

    I know of a Heights grande dame who will write scolding messages with lipstick on the windshields of cars with annoying burglar alarms.

  • pbdotc

    god is love

    sounds nice but isn’t it a bit of an inert tautology?

    i’m not saying, i’m just saying

  • Richard Dawkins

    If that were my car, I would consider such a thing shocking vandalism — nobody has the right to hijack private property to spread religious messages.

    As for the car alarums, good for her!

  • wayne

    It’s snow. How different would it be if someone wrote “Clean Me” on the windshield of a dirty car. At worst, a mild nuisance.
    If they wrote “peace on earth” or “flower power” or “merry christmas” would it really be that annoying?

  • pbdotc

    god and religion are completely unrelated