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  • Bongo

    Anyone got a clue what all the wood piled up outside the former Siggy’s is for?

  • CassieVonMontague

    What’s the story behind those numbered boats anchored near the picnic tables anyway?

  • JaneonOrange

    I understand they are putting in a new sewer line

  • William Gilbert

    Will the Heights Wine Bar on Cranberry ever clean up the graffiti on the side of their building? It looks bad and will lead to more.

  • MaryT

    A bad cold kept me from getting to the 84th precinct community meeting last night. Did anyone attend and what was discussed. Thanks.

  • Banet

    I’m fairly sure they are representative of the sailboats that will be used for public sailing lessons out of the coming marina. They can also be used by any member of the coming sailing club once you prove your sailing proficiency.

  • Badminton Guy

    A few of us BHers are playing badminton on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Pier 2 of Brooklyn Bridge Park, and we’re seeking other interested players to join us. We are co-ed, and players of all levels are welcome.

    Days: Sat, Sun
    Time: 9 am
    Location: Pier Two, Brooklyn Bridge Park
    We generally play for about an hour.

    We play on the handball courts. There are no nets, no keeping scores. This is strictly casual playing with the goal being to prolong rallies and get some exercise in a fun way. Weather permitting, the conditions are generally pretty good for playing.

    If we have spare racquets if you are interested in trying this out without making equipment investment.

    Email me for more information or questions. smingooi @ yahoo

  • DCS

    Is anyone else surprised about the 40 story tower proposed at the corner
    of Hicks and Atlantic in Cobble Hill? This monstrosity will destroy the
    scale of the neighborhood, block views and cast a long dark shadow over
    Hicks St, Willow Place, and Garden Place in the fall and winter. As far as I’m
    concerned Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights are the same neighborhoods,
    just separated by Atlantic. The residents of Brooklyn Heights should
    speak out against these new towers, not only the two towers proposed at
    Pier 6. Just wait until the city sells off the land just south of Pier
    6. We will end up with a wall of towers like Long Island City/ Jersey
    City. If we allow these new towers it will only set the stage for more.

  • Jorale-man

    Maybe the Save the View group that’s protesting the Pierhouse and Pier 6 towers can expand to include this. There certainly are a lot of these schemes suddenly.

  • Willow Street Watch

    There was a series of community concerns brought up. Of course, this was the next to final item on the program. But the real fireworks came up about the helicopters and that a lot of them in fact are not NYPD units. The question of BBP and the security came up, then someone mentioned that the misbehavior has spread to Joralemon street. Then the subject of the promenade and the behavior there was mentioned. The subject of better bike lanes was mentioned. then there was a presentation of a homeless advocate organization in which the amazing line surfaced, that if you encounter an aggressive panhandler in the subway you should tell him to call 311 and ask for homeless services….Judy Stantion made several good suggestions.

  • Beth

    Also, Dowtown Brooklyn School Solutions,, follows all the new construction that is currently underway and proposed throughout the whole area. Their site has great articles and tons of data on what’s happening. ALL of the community organizations need to band together to fight these things. The new proposal for LICH is a monstrosity.

  • MaryT

    Many thanks, @Willow Street Watch. I’m happy to hear that these issues were brought up. Not surprised about the choppers, wish that de Blasio was there to hear us. He refuses to cancel their lease.

  • MaryT

    …and 311 advice is odd. Hand him your cell phone while he calls?

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    De Blasio IS the problem. He has done everything to destroy Brooklyn and will continue to do so, as long as he is in any public office.

  • GHB

    Last weekend, workers were pulling out weeds from the east side of the berm in BBP. What was starting to look like a nice, lush green hill now once again looks like a giant turd. Thanks, BBP!

  • gc

    Totally agree. De Blasio has been a big disappointment!

  • mac

    I live in a medium sized CoOp building in the N.Heights and we are looking for a new super. Ultimate position would be live-in.
    Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

  • pierrepont

    In case you weren’t on Montague earlier this evening, you missed a slightly shocking trash fire. How does Chipotle get away with this sort of thing?

  • David G.

    Have people seen the NYPL’s old NYC project? It’s like Google Maps for Old Pictures of NYC. Some great shots of BKH.

  • memeadjuster

    Very impressive link, thanks!

  • Wi;;ow Street Watch

    First, I want to make it clear that this “advice
    ‘ did NOT originate from any police personnel. The idea originated from a woman who was either a social worker or a person concerned with the homeless problem while two homeless activists were making a presentation. But this Does show the wildly disconnected from reality aspect(s) of parts or the advocacy community on this subject.
    Sure, rub some seriously mentally unstable type the wrong was..yes, and you can also offer to renew his Rx for a month’s SSRI’s…
    Look, the basic problem is they
    reduced the police visability in the system something like 95%
    Which is the height of Danger…

  • chris

    Mac where can I email you? Many thx

  • Willow Street Watch

    It’s not PC to criticize Chipotle in any way….given some of both the employee and clientele behavior nothing is surprising…uh, outside of what ever their building management was thinking when they signed their lease!

  • Willow Street Watch

    That’s EXACTLY what they want; a wall of 30 story plus towers surrounding the former Brooklyn Heights.

    Everyone should be protesting and the WORST aspect of all this is how DANGEROUS these building really are…

    These buildings are built to cost NOT to realistic security standards! This generation of design has poor or far less than possible fire control OR control of “nonaccidental catastrophic incidents”

    Even a major nonaccidental fire would flood the Heights with serious toxins. Did anyone enjoy the weeks after 911? Well what do you think a burnout of one of these chrome boxes In the neighborhood would be like?

    Want to know just HOW dangerous these building really are? Well why don’t you simply take the effort to simply contact the following building safety organizations

  • Willow Street Watch

    The Campaign for Safe Buildings
    Yale School of Architecture
    Stephen Forneris 212 353 7200

    Skyscraper Safety Campaign
    PO Box 70 Woodlawn Station, Bronx NY 10470

  • mac

    you can email me at

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Flicked ciggy butt?