Times: Increased Police Presence at Pier 2 Following Shooting

Today’s New York Times reports that, following last week’s shooting incident–in which, fortunately, no one was hit by a bullet–there are now police posted at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park every day after school, and “the 84th Precinct has requested that more officers be assigned to the park this summer.”

The Times piece, by Ginia Bellafante, also comments on the Park’s demographic evolution:

In the early days it was filled with young mothers from nearby, and it seemed as though Brooklyn Heights, already one of the most beautiful and affluent neighborhoods in the city, was unfairly receiving another exclusive prize that had eluded so many other parts of the city, as if a well-dressed woman were getting an Hermès watch when she already had a Rolex at home.

Now, Ms. Bellafante observes, the Park attracts visitors from all over the Borough, representing all ethnic and economic groups.

The article begins with an amusing description of an 84th Precinct Community Council meeting, where

you might have concluded that you were somewhere in Vermont or northern Minnesota, in a town populated by aging eccentrics and distinguished largely by amusing nuisances.

Do you own a seventeen year old Dodge minivan? Beware!

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  • Reggie

    Each precinct council has its own character. Ms. Bellafante’s description of the 84th Precinct Council is not wrong. The only way that will change is if different people start coming.

  • Concerned

    Great. Let ALL of Brooklyn be welcome at BBP. BBP can be a safe haven for EVERY kid who simply wants to play ball instead of worry about gang violence. I commend the police for acting so quickly.

  • miriamcb

    Does anyone know when the next council meeting is for the 84th?

  • Lori

    It’s the third Tuesday of each month at different locations each month.

  • miriamcb

    Thanks. I’ve seen different times listed on official sites too (6:30 or 7:00 pm starts). Do you know where the next one is?

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, first of all, you used to be able to order a Dodge van with a 440 engine and NO pollution system…burn out city!!!

    But to the subject at hand, from the first moment the BBP nonsense started the prospect of attracting thousands of users from areas where gang violence was a serious problem was raised. Whenever anyone raised the question of how the park was going to secured, there were attempts to silence any mention with charges of racism. Well now what every honest and sane observer warned of has now started to happen.

    What now? Well, you might consider the basic insanity of greatly increasing the use of an area and not increasing police, fire and ems manpower and equipment.

    You might ALSO consider what could happen when one of these well armed darlings you have invited to the area simply decides that it would be fun to pop some windows above…

    Everyone reading this who thinks the above is a far fetched concept needs to examine the records of serious violence in the parks system over the last 30 years. Read some real history and then consider what could really happen here…

  • Robert Perris

    As of last Tuesday, when the April council meeting was held, the location for the May meeting had not been set. The meetings start at 7:00.

  • Willow Street Watch

    And oh by the way: while we’re on the subject, before you consider security in BBP, which is inherently a contradiction in terms, why doesn’t anyone address the worsening security situation of the promenade at night. Gangs of kids and adults from other neighborhoods acting out any way they wish with NO law enforcement action whatsoever…

  • Andrew Porter

    I hear raucous voices shouting, laughing, etc., on Pineapple Street after 1am, en route to/from the Promenade. Damned rowdy kids, he said, quoting something said to me 50 years ago…

  • mlcraryville

    I went down to the Promenade Thursday night. Except for the extremely annoying and unnecessarly super-loud sounds from the bandstand (the corporation permitting this is inexcusable and for the poor thousands of folks living from Middagh to Clark and from Col. Hts. to Willow the booming bass must be intolerable we were looking for an signs of misbehavior on Pier Two. There was some. A gang of 8 policemen were schmoozing around the hood of a police car on the south side of the pieIr. It was about 9:30 and continued after 10 when I got bored. This is paid work?. This security presence? I wonder what they wrote in their duty report for the evening? Surely the Capt. of 8-4 ought to be capable of a more effective distribution of his scarce resource.
    I did see during this time a patrol car, lights flashing, slowly cruising south on the main pathway down toward Pier 6; at least they were makng their presence known in a positive and more useful way.