Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge Should Be Back In Service Late This Spring; Park Will Pursue Cost Reimbusement

According to the Eagle, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation “aims to have the bridge back in operation by late spring.” The bridge, locally known as “the bouncy bridge,” was taken out of service last August after some supports were found to be loose and the portion of the bridge nearest Squibb Park developed a list to the south. The Eagle story reports that repairs are estimated to cost $700,000; a figure that, along with the projected late spring re-opening, have been reported earlier.

The story further reports that the BBPC President Regina Myer has said the corporation will “pursue recovery of these costs from any responsible parties” and will provide a public report on the cause of the bridge’s problem in the future. State Senator Daniel Squadron, Borough President Eric Adams, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, and Councilmember Stephen Levin had earlier urged the BBPC to pursue cost remediation and give a report to the public.

Photo: Claude Scales for BHB

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  • Neighborhood Mom

    Hi Claude,
    Thank you for all your posts this week and for everything you and your colleagues are doing to keep the blog going. It must be an extremely difficult time, and we’re very grateful for your dedication.

  • Michael Rock

    i second that.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Neighborhood Mom just said what I was thinking.

  • Jorale-man

    Hear, hear. One thing this blog has done is hold institutions accountable, whether the park authorities or the noisy helicopters. It’s good to see it’s continuing.

  • peterbrooklyn

    I wish the $700,000 would go towards the dismantling of the footbridge. We’ve already lost our view. It would be nice if we also lost the Disney World congestion and noise the footbridge brings to the neighborhood. It’s been so peaceful since it was closed.

  • Teresa

    Was just thinking this morning how much I missed the bridge. Willl be thrilled to see it operational again.

  • Brixtony

    I like the bridge and I love the park (when it’s not crowded) but there really was a terrible lack of planning access routes. This weekend’s great weather + Smorgasburg made me claustrophobic and very sympathetic to those people who live near the park – I’m up in the air and so above the maddening crowd.
    AND…”they” have got to find a way to delineate the bike/pedestrian lanes. Most visitors were not aware there was a difference due to the very few, badly designed, tiny lettering on the signs.

  • fast_walker

    Love the bridge. Wondering what moron decided to build it prior to an enormous very tall building going right next to it. What do you think would happen???