Open Thread Wednesday 3/25/15

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  • Roberto Gautier

    That is also true. The necessity of thinking is clear.
    What it does to our heads is also clear. Let’s not give up.

  • DoBro84

    Used the NYC Vision Zero map to look at intersections I cross several times each week.

    Will be even more cautious than usual at Clinton/Atlantic and Court/Atlantic!

    NYC map is at:

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Atlantic at Court St. is awful. I witnessed a near smash-up this afternoon involving someone powering through a red light inches from someone who had determined to turn on the instant of green.

  • Arch Stanton

    Square Circle. for what? In case you didn’t get the memo: The CD format is pretty much obsolete.

  • Andrew Porter

    Gaslights on Poplar Street are discussed here:

  • Andrew Porter

    Actually, Jacques Torres moved the production of much of their chocolates to another location above the flood plain, after Sandy flooded their store on Water Street. The bakery across the street had to be completely rebuilt for the same reason. Their kitchen remains below sea level. The Galapagos Art Space moved to Detroit after it too was flooded.

  • Andrew Porter

    Construction crews here in BH generally get permits. The gas here is supplied by National Grid, not by Con Edison. Meanwhile, didn’t much of the East Village get flooded by Sandy? Might that not have contributed to plumbing problems?

  • Andrew Porter

    The tremendous amount of foot traffic headed to/from Trader Joe’s puts an added strain on the intersection. “Cross at the green, not in between!”

  • Andrew Porter

    New York Daily News article about Brooklyn Bridge Park Finances is here:

  • Teresa

    Galapagos only recently moved — it was up and running until a few months ago. It moved because of high rent, not the storm.

  • Monty

    Presumably referring to Jacques Torres and Almondine who were invited to DUMBO by David Walentas and given retail space with a year of free rent? They weren’t exactly pioneers, they were plants to set the mood of the new neighborhood. And an excellent job of it they did.

  • Willow Street Watch


  • Banet

    For all of you who use New Excell Auto down in Fulton Landing — I got a call from the fellow at the desk, Joke, saying he’s left and gone to a new place on 3rd Avenue and will offer rides back to the Heights.

    Unfortunately I lost the piece of paper with name of the new place. Does anyone have it?

  • Cynzanne

    South Slope Auto. He has a website