Open Thread Wednesday 3/25/15

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  • jesse

    Montague street is looking pretty sad these days. Trash all over the place, empty retail shops, disregard for aesthetics, a vacant and painfully slow restoration of Bossert Hotel with no plans of a tenant. Why? There’s no reason for this neighborhood to receive such poor grocery and retail options. Mediocrity is not in this neighborhoods DNA, however that’s all I see anymore. Dear Montauge BID, please clean up our streets and bring change to our mediocre retail options. Dear Bossert Hotel, please attract a quality tenant that will give you the renovation you deserve. Perhaps like dignified development of The Marlton Hotel ( with quality dining and entertainment options.

    We deserve better.

  • MonroeOrange

    it all started once they got rid of Soundtracks, Taco Madre, Annie’s and the Saloon….then the 2000’s happened and the rest is history (or present).

    Oh yeah…bring back Square Circle and Jomels too!

  • Moni

    Some of the grunginess of Montague can be blamed on the residue of a rough winter, especially the rusted metal staircases. On on the other hand, why doesn’t someone do something about the filth of the little lot behind what used to be Andy’s and is now the abandoned Dumpling joint? It’s a disgrace, and I saw a big rat frolicking there last week.

  • DIBS

    North heights has much better dining options now.

  • jesse

    what does the Montague BID actually do? Aren’t they supposed to “improve” our district? I don’t see much improvement.

  • suzanne goss

    Don’t you mean Silver’s? And what about… Nettie’s, Crocus, Le Bagel, and China Chili?

  • Willow Street Watch

    The only objective of BID’s is to be an unelected responsible to no one power base…its not about delivering services..,..

  • Willow Street Watch

    Look, it you want a better Montague, or a better Heights, you need a new, better Heights neighborhood association.

    The BHA has, openly, $400 k in the bank, and they can’t hire a group of less fortunate to clear the crosswalks after a snow or simply do basic clean ups like is done in far less well off communities nationwide?

    The nonfeasance of the present state extends, of course, to areas far, far worse that the state of Montague, although its very emblematic, it extends most critically to the fast increasingly loss or control over what the financial/development Sector is permitted to do. The largely dying..or going into a functionally moribund state BHA, has passed the point where it can…or wants to…secure the interests or safety of the Heights.

    Something new, and far better is needed…or get ready to live in a sort of nicer area of Queens..which at one time was known as THE Heights….

  • Jodie

    Montague has always been sad. it does not attract good quality restaurants at all.

  • Resident

    Could be worse… Though a chain, Le Pain is very good. Friend of a Farmer will be excellent. The pizza place on Hicks is fantastic and so is the mexican place…

  • Roberto Gautier

    The writing is on the DUMBO wall, and it has been for quite some time, for DUMBO and other neighborhoods that are undergoing radical surgical removal of community organs and any affordable vestiges. Here’s how DUMBO was described in the NY Times, “The neighborhood is really the amenity,” Mr. Walentas said. That said, there is a justifiable worry that as the rents soar and artists move far away, the powerful landlord/developers could easily endanger beloved bakers of heavenly croissants and heavenly chocolates. The question is: What is a neighborhood?
    For some, it’s only an investment opportunity, not a place to live.

  • Moni

    You’re talking snack food basically. what about a REAL restaurant?

  • Bornhere

    You are right, and the list can go on and on — Old Hungary, New China Teacup, Womrath’s, Rozelle’s, Kazootie’s, and even Lenny’s, the Promenade, etc, etc. Obviously, there have been tons of changes over the decades, but even though there were always some negatives or brief downturns in the Heights, I still think it was more resident-focused years and years ago. But there sure are oodles of snazzy new coops and condos, and the foot traffic on Joralemon and elsewhere is such a bonus :(

  • ClaudeScales

    Bring back Capulets!

  • MonroeOrange

    yes…LENNY’S in the original location was the best!

  • StoptheChop

    And just wait until the Brooklyn Bridge Park Shopping Mall (at Empire Stores) opens. DUMBO is done for.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Talked to some fire guys today, I asked them how are they going to fight fires in the high rise yuppie roach motels they’re building downtown, and (very) shortly (due to the planned inaction by “your” representatives) they want to ring the Heights with.

    “Well, the water has to work” So I asked what happens if the water supply fails or goes less than adequate… like what happened at the St George…and given the wonderfully substantial construction of the

    They just rolled their eyes…

    Two of the fire crew counted off the fires which have already happened in the
    dwtn high rises…..I thought of people who family members have bumped into
    who gush how “arrived” they all feel in their new 40 + floor apartment with its “spectacular” views for their children. At which point my entire head, not just my eyes, starts rolling….

  • Lori

    Silver’s, then JoMel’s, then tiny paper store

  • DIBS

    Because there is no history of fighting fires in other area of NYC with high rises??????

  • Still Here

    Here! Here!

  • Peter Loibl

    While not on Montague, I miss Magnetic Field: anyone remember that live music bar on Atlantic? Place was great, I always met great people when I was there (in my single days). Neighborhood could use a spot like that again!

  • MonroeOrange

    Maggie’s was one of a kind…

  • Jorale-man

    Unrelated to Montague Street, some interesting news today about a big new art project at Brooklyn Bridge Park:

  • Willow Street Watch

    The general point is that there is a very serious danger always with high rises and all the RE/financial sector cheer leading shouldn’t distract from that danger.

    Especially with a) the increasing use of the area without the addition of more fire, cops and ems. And b) the cheap as possible construction quality that many people (including apparently someone I can name)
    Think is just fine….

  • Willow Street Watch

    Remember when Mary Weiss (Shangra La’s) appeared there?

    I was always hoping for Link Wray to do a show there…

  • Roberto Gautier

    The March 26 gas explosion in the East Village seems to point to shoddy, cost-cutting repair practices and materials. With the appearance of instant high-rises in our area, we hope that inspection protocols can be made more rigorous. Blind eye vigilance causes tragic and unnecessary death.

  • Willow Street Watch

    We were driving up third avenue minutes after the explosion. We passed 7th street as police, fire and ems were screaming to the scene. Fire and especially smoke were explosively being driven into the sky. It was absolutely the worst incident of its kind since WTC in smaller scale. It really looked like a gate to hell itself had opened.

    At 13th street a group of black sedans with blacked out windows came up to police lines, told to stop one figure got out and ordered police to admit them They showed ID and were quickly given access. The cars were from the ATF….

    We had a business meeting just below 23ed Street and just after we arrived our entire building became filled with smoke.

    Now what would happen if this exact scenario occurred in one of the vertical roach motels downtown or, worse, the towers the RE “industry”/big banks want to ring the Heights with? With the wonderful levels of fire containment and structural integrity of built-to-a-budget engineering….imagine the TOXIC discharge into the Heights….

    Still think wild upward building sprees with no increase of public safety resources/safety technology is fine?

    Well take a look at what just happened at 7th Street folks….

  • DoBro84

    More food for thought

  • Roberto Gautier

    Perfetto! This reminds me when Zorba the Greek says to the intellectual Englishman:
    “You think too much, that is your problem.”

  • Willow Street Watch

    Its the LACK of thought which makes things like 9/11 and 7th street possible.