Plans for “Brooklyn Strand” (Not a Bookstore) Revealed

Thanks to reader “DoBro84″ we have a link to the presentation (PDF) given at Monday evening’s meeting about plans for the “Brooklyn Strand,” a series of parks, green spaces, pedestrian and bike paths, and other amenities intended to tie together Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Metro Tech, the Navy Yard, Farragut Houses, and Fort Greene, and to provide a grand entrance to the Borough. If you scroll down through the presentation, you’ll find lots of interesting projected views of how the plans would change to look of specific places. One is of what would replace the parking lot (photo) in the triangle bordered by the southern wall of the New York Supreme Courthouse, Adams Street, and the walkway to the east of Borough Hall, with its apex at Joralemon Street and Adams. So, where will the judges, clerks, and others park? No doubt the plan has a solution for that.

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  • Leo Bruce

    Re Brooklyn Strand plans . . . . . lookin’ good to me. One comment on design . . . Washroom facilities should be provided as soon as a pedestrian exits the stairway on the Brooklyn side. I am a street vendor here and it is the first thing tourists are looking for when they come off the bridge. Adding the elevator up from the subway . . . brilliant. Cheers . . . . . Leo Bruce

  • someone

    Where will the traffic go when you reduce the width of the streets and make some of them pedestrian zones? What will happen to the Brooklyn Bridge exit going down to the BQE? There is a nice green hill in the vision where there is currently an exit. This isn’t Manhattan where you have several avenues running parallel where you could say that the traffic is dispersing among them.