Plans For “Brooklyn Strand” to be Revealed Monday Evening

We have the following from Community Board 2:

Join the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and CB2 parks committee as they host Claire Weisz of WXY Studio, who will present the final plan for Brooklyn Strand. Based on a series of stakeholders meetings and an earlier public meeting co-sponsored by Community Board 2, the plan reimagines the open spaces from Brooklyn Borough Hall to Brooklyn Bridge Park and extending to the NYCHA developments.

The meeting will take place tomorrow (Monday, March 16) evening starting at 6:00, at Geraldo’s Cafe in Feil Hall, Brooklyn Law School, 205 State Street, between Court Street and Boerum Place. It will be interesting to see, for example, how Cadman Plaza Park is “reimagined.”

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  • DoBro84

    Thanks for passing on the notice! I’m looking forward to seeing the plan.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    My heels leap up when I behold
    A store with books pre-owned:
    So is it when the weather’s grand;
    So was it when I saw the Strand;
    So be it till I’m under mould;
    Now, let me buy!
    The child is fa—wait, not *that* Strand?

    I wandered lonely as a cloud…

  • Jorale-man

    Cadman Plaza Park is a real mess right now. The grass on the north/east end is almost entirely gone and replaced with mud. Other areas aren’t a lot better. Maybe this is a sign that someone is taking some ownership of this neglected park.

    (Oh, and I’d love to a Strand Books come to the hood too.)

  • DoBro84

    The 10/30/2014 stakeholder meeting presentation summary goals included “5. Balance immediate improvements and long-term implementation scenarios.”

    I expect to see the early work focused on the “primary areas” outlined on Oct. 30

  • Roberto Gautier

    The WXY Studio is not a small, boutique design group. Their web site show an impressive array of clients. How were they chosen to present the “final” plan?

  • DoBro84

    There are lots of details about the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Strategic Plan at:

    Note background on WXY’s involvement:

    “…. Status Update: The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, in conjunction with our partners in the Mayor’s office, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC Parks, and City Planning have engaged the urban architecture firm WXY Studio to lead an effort to solicit feedback from local stakeholders in the area to understand the current uses, wishes, and opportunities for the open spaces along the Brooklyn Strand. From their work with the stakeholders, WXY will create an action plan for the open space, with the goal of submitting a conceptual plan to the Public Design Commission in 2015.”

  • Robert Perris

    Roberto, WXY is the developers of the plan, not just the presenters. They were hired by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership.

  • Andrew Porter

    The weakest link is at the NW corner of the plan. That’s the parking lot along the south side of the Brooklyn Bridge, a staging area for the Bridge’s reconstruction. The area under the BB where the Purchase Building was is also a BB staging area. Anyone remember the plans for a skating rink there? Later, it was the site of the Brooklyn Flea. Until the reconstruction of the Bridge is finished, I don’t expect anything to happen on much of this plan.