Anchor’s Away For Good From 76 Montague Street?

A BHB tipster sent us this photo today regarding the anchor at 76 Montague Street, commenting “spotted this construction person drilling into the sidewalk this morning (3.18.15) and apparently removing the metal poles which surround the anchor.”

While the future location of the anchor remains unknown, we wonder where it’s headed in the interim.

The Friend of a Farmer restaurant will be opening at 76 Montague later this year.


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  • ClaudeScales

    The anchor’s still in place for now, though the chains and stanchions have been removed. When I walked by 76 Montague this afternoon, I noticed something I hadn’t for some time: a plaque set into the sidewalk depicting the sidewheel steamship Sirius, namesake of the brokerage company owned by Mr. Spille, who placed the anchor in front of the building in 1981. I hope the restaurant owner doesn’t intend to remove the plaque.