Brooklyn Heights Library Plans to be Discussed Monday Evening

The Community Advisory Council for the Brooklyn Heights Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library will meet on Monday evening, March 9, at 6:30, in the Library’s auditorium, 280 Cadman Plaza West. All are invited to attend. From the Brooklyn Heights Association:

We’re expecting to hear project status updates regarding the proposed development, as well as the new library design and programming process.

Scheduled speakers are BPL President Linda Johnson, developer David Kramer, and architect Jonathon Marvel. The agenda for the meeting is here.

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  • gc

    Something else we’re going to have rammed down our throats by the real estate tycoons and their political toadies.

  • Willow Street Watch

    First of all before any of the ethical,
    procedural, and moral arguments
    which we will now hear..everyone who
    can actually Think should stop and think
    of a far more basic issue to the area:
    Safety to your families…

    They want to ring Brooklyn Heights
    with tall structures with minimal
    protections against fire and structural
    failure. Check out the proceedings
    of the Yale school of Architecture 2003
    Symposium of building safety website
    or the Skyscraper Safety campaign

  • marilyn

    We won’t allow them to ram anything down our throats. Let’s come out in force together. It’s time that the tycoons and their toadies stopped stealing our precious public assets, pretending all the while that we are getting something good in return. Huge personal profit is all they have in mind. Nothing for us. That’s thievery.

  • Miky

    I am going into this with an open mind. I am a heavy user of the current BPL branch there and it is, in a word, awful. Much room for improvement.

  • Reggie

    Oh, you are the half-cocked guy who asked a non-question at the BHA annual meeting, aren’t you? Good point, since NYC has neither a Building or Fire Code.

  • marilyn

    Miky, the library was intentionally allowed to become shabby because years ago they had its sale planned. Shabbiness was a way to make the public think that a new library was necessary. Now we see that the shelves are half empty or all empty, the bathrooms not cleaned, etc, Mysteriously, the air-conditioning stopped working. In every library the BPL wanted to sell, it happened that suddenly the air-conditioning stopped working. Moreover, estimates for replacements or repairs have been hugely exaggerated. We have to investigate what the BPL is doing before we allow these billionaire developers to profit from us and leave us with a library one third its present size, years of toxic construction fumes and rubble, pedestrian and traffic dangers, and a luxury condo where only the 1% among us could afford to live.

  • Resident

    I dont believe your comments are in line with the changing face of our neighborhood. In any event, the new library is going to be beautiful and I personally dont care about a new Condo. So what? Why shouldn’t others get to live here. Why do I care if they have more money than me? We have a great mix here: old money, new money, dems, republicans, middle income, section 8…

  • library user

    The current library has all the charm of a DMV office. I use it all the time and can’t wait to see something new and better there. They are building stunning new librarys all over the US…about time we had one here we can be proud of.

  • library user

    So you’re opposed to building a new library? I don’t get it. I really don’t. How can you oppose a new library because there will be some years of construction? That’s like driving an old, beat up car that can’t be fixed because its too much of a hassle to buy a new one. So silly.

  • bethman14

    Uhm, nothing for “us” other than a brand new, modern large library, 114 affordable apartments, and tons of money for the broke public library to fix up its other branches?

  • Willow Street Watch

    This is amazing, a classic modern design which for DECADES
    was the best research facility, sq ft for sq ft anywhere is now
    too old and”can’t be repaired/restored” really? Tell you what,
    I’ll bet any new building won’t be recipient of the recognition
    this design was accorded, again over decades, AND I bet
    It SURE won’t have the structural integrity of the present

    Hey if you have a Rolls Royce or an exotic which is a GREAT
    design and you don’t do good maintainence on it and now
    its dilapidated and bad looking, what? Its a bad Design?
    And should be traded for a new Ford?

    Great thinking LU….