Resident Raises Concern About Cracked Sidewalk in Brooklyn Heights

A BHB tipster alerts us that the sidewalk in front of 92 Remsen Street is – and has been for a while – a hazard.

In a letter to Councilmember Steve Levin she writes, “It’s been — I don’t know what to call it — under construction? — for more than eight months now. There’s barely room to walk. And on days like today, it’s particularly dangerous for the elderly men and women who live on our street. Would you please make sure that something is done here? Thank you.”

For those of you who pay attention to such things the 92 Remsen sidewalk also used a flower pot to plug up a crack back in 2009.

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  • Rachel

    Put in a call to 311 and they said the case was closed and the management has been notified. Obviously that did a lot of good!

  • grrr

    This is an absolute disgrace, compounded by 311’s refusal to address the issue.

  • anon

    The holdup is with the landmarks commission who has to approve whatever they do. They are dragging their feet. Also, apparently this kind of work should not be done in winter as there are issues with concrete not setting properly in this weather. 311 cannot really do much.

  • shelley

    The Landmarks Commission is very demanding about sidewalks. That is why most work gets done without permits.

  • ltap917

    About 4 years ago I fell in a hole in the street at the Pierrepont St. entrance to the promenade. The hole is still there. I have never seen anyone fill in the potholes in BH.
    I fell on Willow St. when we first moved in 8 years ago and broke my wrist in 4 places. That nasty piece of sidewalk is still there.

  • Pissed on Love Lane

    Cracked sidewalk? How about a story about Love Lane which has been all but abandoned by the city, massive potholes, inaccessible sidewalks on either side this week. Also CVS is a horrible neighbor who never shovels, garbage everywhere

  • grrr

    The problem is that the sidewalk has been an issue for years, as the 2009 photo referenced above makes clear. Landmarks may be part of the issue, but the lack of interest by the coop in fixing the problem is the bigger difficulty.

  • Mini_Cooper

    I have spoken with the residents. The first problem is that there is a spring running beneath the sidewalk area. The second problem is that Landmarks put a stop to the work but are not cooperating with the residents in satisfying whatever problems they have in order to get it going again. 311 is not set up to deal with problems caused by other agencies. Perhaps one of the complainers below has some pull with Landmarks and can get some straight answers from them. I wouldn’t place all of the blame on the owners without knowing the entire backstory.

  • Ann B Chapin

    I have a terrible and dangerous time getting off of College Place to get anywhere, especially in the Winter. Love Lane has been a mess for years!

  • ujh

    Hello, all those tony brownstone (and other stone) property owners in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District! And what about all those sidewalks that don’t get cleared of snow and ice after every snowfall every winter?

  • DoBro84

    Looks like there will be some action soon…

    Borough: BROOKLYN
    Permit Number: B042015033A05
    Permit Issue Date: 02/02/2015
    Emergency Issue Date:
    Permit Purpose:
    Roadway Type:
    Permit Valid From: 02/02/2015
    Permit Valid To: 02/16/2015
    Permittee Details
    Permit Location Details
    House #: 92
    Specific Location: IN FRONT OF PROPERTY
    On Street: REMSEN STREET
    From Street: HENRY STREET
    To Street: HICKS STREET
    Comm. Board Left: 302
    Comm. Board Right: 302

  • ShinyNewHandle

    UJH, there may be several buildings for one super to shovel. Our fix-it guy has a lot to do on a snow day, and doesn’t get to our building right away. (Since he doesn’t live in the neighborhood, I sometimes make a tiny temporary path of one shovel-width; I hurt my back this year and couldn’t do it. The other tenants pitch in in other ways, but usually don’t shovel, so…)

  • Resident 92 Remsen Street

    Just to let everyone know, we are well aware of the issue and feel as bad, or annoyed, as anyone. The issue is that landmark has held this up for an absurd amount of time and has only now finally approved the plan. Now of course we are waiting for the weather to change. – As someone who lives in the building I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience.

  • ohplease

    You’ve had years to fix it! Please don’t blame the short-term issues with Landmarks when the real issue is the long-term intransigence of the building residents and lack of respect for the neighborhood.

  • Cranberry Beret

    In my experience when “Landmarks is holding things up” it usually means the applicant showed up with an ill-conceived plan, wants to use non-compliant materials and/or didn’t hire an architect who knows how to work efficiently with the agency (or didn’t hire anyone at all). Or all of the above. And usually the reason is ostensibly to save money, but with the delays, restarts and other hassles, usually ends up costing more than doing it right in the first place.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    I can no longer see an orange cone without thinking “Video LAN media player”. Brilliant marketing move.

  • Resident at 92

    Perhaps you should read the comments of some of the more understanding and less judgmental folks above. I share your frustration but there is a spring under the side walk and several attempts to fix the issue have had only short-term results. Since September we have been waiting to get this done for good. Why don’t you just cross your fingers for some mild weather instead so we can put the issue to rest?

  • Andrew Porter

    Really, a spring? Fascinating to know. Perhaps it can be harnessed to fill a dog drinking fountain, or a water feature. I saw horse watering troughs on the streets of Melbourne, Australia: