Open Thread Wednesday 1/7/15

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  • jobber

    Capote house empty due to plan to sell and make Jehova HQ an EHS dorm. I guess they got out in time.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Please oh please don’t let the Jehova Buildings be turned into dorms.

  • Ebenezer

    Wonder what kind of official business goes on in Remsen Street between Henry and Hicks requiring a car with a judicial official business plaque on its dashboard – every night and many days?

  • BrooklynBugle

    btw photo above is a file photo… current owner of 70 Willow is renovating :

  • AEB

    Monkey business.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I have noticed these cars at several
    Locations in the Heights at various
    times. No tickets..ever and many
    with blacked out or much darkened
    windows. Some at times have Federal
    ID’S on the dash…so….

  • Teresa

    Learned yesterday from a local vet that several dogs have been treated recently after ingesting rat poison in Cadman Plaza. Will talk to vet tomorrow and get more info to post here, but passing it on to dog owners…

  • John C. Kimbrough

    If anyone who reads this was sexually molested and abused by the Reverend David T. Atwater of Grace Church on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights and you wish to talk about it with me and the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, please contact me by phone at your leisure. He sexually molested and abused me six times during September and October of 1964 and I saw him fondle another young boy in his bedroom at one time. In addition I was told that he tried to rape another teen age boy. He may have been a serial pedophile during his tenure as rector at Grace Church and he had to habits and activities that would cast much suspicion on him in this modern day climate and environment that we live in these days. One is that he took boys camping every summer (He took me one summer) and one is that he had a Saturday morning club called “The Star Club” which was for young boys from the neighborhood to attend…….Phone number is 347-952-6333……………………..

  • DoBro84

    Just got back from my morning run; it’s a beautiful winter morning. Our new Pier 2 promenade offers terrific views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan and the harbor!