Landmarks Puts Brakes On Alterations To Truman Capote House

The controversial plan to change the house once occupied by the now late writer Truman Capote hit a roadblock at the Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday, Evan Bindelglass reported for Curbed NY.

70 Willow Street, currently. Photo via Google Maps

The plan for the 176-year-old home at 70 Willow Street included a lot of changes, billed as a “restoration,” though many in the room saw it as a “renovation” or as “replicating” the past, not “restoring” it, Bindelglass reported. The applicant sought to remove and replace the entryway, extend the rusticated base, add new windows and shutters, construct a two-story rear deck, replace the driveway gate, and add a pool and shed (to be brief).

While the commissioners didn’t vote to approve the proposal, that doesn’t mean it is dead. The applicant is free to redesign and re-apply for a certificate of appropriateness.

The Brooklyn Heights landmark is currently owned by Rockstar Games kingpin Dan Houser.

Evan Bindelglass is a local freelance journalist and contributor to Curbed NY. He also contributes to Brooklyn Heights Blog. You can e-mail him, follow him on Twitter @evabin, or check out his personal blog.

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  • Arbor

    I guess that is why they cut a healthy tree out of the back yard.

  • Heights Observer

    Jeez. Why buy an historic home and move to a landmark district when the house you really want is in the surburbs?

  • DIBS

    I think you are being a bit harsh. I think all the changes, from what I saw, look quite in keeping with the historic design.

  • Mary

    Amen! If you want a suburban life in Brooklyn, there are plenty of other neighborhoods where it exists.

  • Reggie

    Did I call it, or what? “An overwrought, speculative, Greek Revival … well, renovation isn’t quite the word.”