Open Thread Wednesday 12/31/14

Happy New Year! What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Happy New Year, Brooklyn Heights!

  • AEB

    Ditto, ditto, BHB!

  • Jorale-man

    I wonder what Pix 11 was up to on Montague. Investigating the blatant zoning violation by the new high-rise that impedes on the sidewalk? Well, one could dream…

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    This may be too late to ask, but can you see any fireworks from the promenade?

  • Zorg_Montague

    Wow is everybody out of town or what?

  • Moni

    Good morning Bkly Hgts and Happy New Year! Is anyone else sick of the police drama/outrage over our Mayor daring to acknowledge the need of black boys and men to be very, very careful when dealing with the cops? Are conservatives now going to disrespect the Mayor every chance they get, just as they do our president? No one elected Pat Lynch to lead the city, nor Al Sharpton for that matter, but DeBlasio has every right to confer with both — actually it’s his duty to. He was elected ina landslide and I for one will support him until he gives me reason not to. Telling the truth is not a reason.

  • Teresa

    Based on what I’ve seen the last few days, the alleged police slowdown has not affected the parking ticket distributors in our fair neighborhood.

    Unrelated: happy new year, everyone —

  • Complicated

    Most I know want Bill to resign. The worst embarrassment we’ve seen since Dinks.

  • Roberto Gautier

    To put the Pierhouse project of the Toll Brothers in perspective, look at illegal construction in Agrigento, Sicily. On 11/25/2000,
    New York Times’ writer Alessandra Stanley wrote about unauthorized construction in a UN Heritage site.
    “The soaring ruins of Greek temples from the fifth century B.C. recall a distant glory when the lyric poet Pindar called this part of Sicily ”the most beautiful city of mortals.” At the perimeter of the ruins, however, a sprawl of illegally built apartment buildings, cottages and villas are temples to another, more recent historical phenomenon called abusivismo.”
    In Agrigento, people housed mostly in illegally constructed high-rise buildings that form a jarring backdrop to the Temple of Concord. “Abusivismo”is so ingrained that owners of illegally built homes have their own association and women’s auxiliary.

    The “abusivi,” as the owners are known, put up such buildings during a postwar boom when even the most flagrant zoning abuses were ignored by elected officials and city planners.

    What of New York City authorities who allow such abuses to occur under one of our temples, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge?

  • Livingston

    “Landslide” only in terms of a very narrow definition. Although he received 73% of the vote, voter turnout was only ~24% — a record low. That equates to less than a million votes or less than 10% of the total population of NYC. I’m just tired of De Blasio in general..

  • Moni

    In case you didn’t notice, there was a primary — Dem & Repub. Your comment is strictly sorelosersourgrapes. Or perhaps you didn’t vote?

  • Moni

    I guess it all depends on who you know. No one I know is likely to make such a rash judgment so soon.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Let the record be clear, it was de Blasio who used the Save LICH movement to pull ahead in the primaries and it was the same de Blasio that sold out LICH when he became mayor. That is an enormous blot on his record as far as some of us are concerned.

  • johnny cakes


  • Robert Perris

    Multiple agencies have looked into this allegation and found it unwarranted.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    While all of you prattle about DE b lazio
    and the toll brothers, there is a MAJOR
    Danger right overhead: the huge in
    crease in helicopters. It’s now a fully
    Constant reality often all or largely all
    Through the night. We’re being trained
    To accept and expect constant near
    Over flights “for our safety” really?
    The very real danger of all this
    Well shown by the dozens of hello
    Crashes including police copiers
    In urban areas…

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Do you realize how insulting your words sound?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I’m sorry for the tone but not the
    Content of what I said. But instead
    of comment in on my
    about addressing the very real
    Issue I raised…what about the
    Danger we have been increasingly
    Placed in by the TONNAGE of
    hardware police and other non
    now constantly overhead…
    Please try to address the issue

  • Joe A

    That’s how we do elections here in the USA. We tabulate the votes of people that actually show up and vote. de Blasio won with 73% of the vote a full 49 points higher than the Guilliani supported candidate. That is a landslide in any book.

    Cops turning their backs on our elected Mayor, and their boss, is the same as turning their backs on the citizens of this city. A shameful episode for the NYPD.

  • Owen Hughes

    Heights Correspondent, aka Cindy….spell check and grammar check before you post will make it far likelier that people will understand the issues you raise. Although we should all be aware of the danger you raised in your post of “police copiers” flying overhead.

  • MonroeOrange

    the cops have not turned there backs on the citizens as you said. If the cops really did turn their backs to the citizens…well you remember the 70s and 80s in nyc right? don’t see that on the streets…still looks like 2015 to me.

  • malanga_es_malanga

    I have found that it is not the police copiers, but the ink cartridge refills that really kill you.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    First of all I’m a guy, and second a lot
    Of people are doing business so that
    When they see something they use
    Speech recognition, not always the
    Most accurate on spelling, granted
    But just because one system’s behavior
    Resembles another sorry blame the
    Design guys. I only comment when
    I see something So important that its
    Worth my and your time.

    I hope that satisfied all the English
    Majors who prize form over content
    That mindset always so well preserves
    The safety and overall well being of
    Any area or of a country…

    Now can someone speak to the issue
    I raised?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    So anybody feels that the tonnage were
    Being trained to accept is fine and dandy
    Was everyone’s holiday season better
    With the constant drone maybe because
    I’m on the 7th floor but look at the history
    of rotary wing traffic…Yipe

    Go ahead goof on the issue but one day
    Some improperly maintained copter
    Will take lives in an urban area and I’d
    Rather it not be the Heights…

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Well said, Roberto Gautier! Thank you.