A Look Inside the New Careland Pharmacy Coming to Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights will soon be home to Careland, a new pharmacy with a modern look but an old-fashioned philosophy – personalized care. The first part is due to the work of designer Sergio Mannino, a DUMBO-based Florentine designer, the second stems from the owners Ayman Tawadros and Ashraf Awad (who also own a non-related pharmacy in Staten Island.) While there is no set opening date at press time, Careland is expected to open within three weeks.

BHB met with Sergio Mannino (who, until Careland, has mostly designed high end shoe stores) and was given a walk through of the former Mr. Video III store space. It is an example of ultra contemporary design, but is also full of traditional references related to health care. Virtually every pharmacy in Europe uses the green cross as an identifier. Sergio and his partner, Jonathan Wajskol, customized the iconic image by hand painting one.

The inspiration for the design started with the name of the store itself. Say’s Mannino, “The name, that’s the most important thing. This is place for the care of people and [the owners] wanted to create a pharmacy for the neighborhood, not a typical chain, a place where there is a relationship between the pharmacist and the client. That’s very important to them, to establish this relationship and create a bond. This will be the place where people can come and find assistance and they’re not just a number. That’s the most important thing.”

The notion of “care” also reflects itself in the design of the shelving, which is curved. “I love curves,” says Mannino, “[that] wraps around “like a hug.”

The floor is another hand-drawn image by Sergio. Fun graphics of band-aids digitally printed in white on the floor, complementing the cheerful green color palette, which Sergio calls, “playful.”

As well as care, Careland has a focus on safety and convenience. The pharmacy is completely doored-off in a private (and equally gorgeous) space in the back with the appropriate safety alarms. Sergio also crafted unique, interchangeable shelving that will allow Careland’s pharmacists to easily manage products, ensuring accessibility for customers while bringing a visually pleasing design to the space. Products will include everything from kids’ toys to high end cosmetics, or as Sergio exclaims, “Everything!”

Other offerings include a drop-off box that is accessible from the exterior for on-the-go customers needing to fulfill prescriptions.

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  • BH Pragmatist

    Beautiful, but will they accept express scripts?

  • AEB


  • Fritz

    Just what we need in the Nabe – another drug store. At least it’s not a real estate office. We need more restaurants! or a bakery…or bring back Radio Shack.

  • Solovely

    I think this is needed in this area! Most excited! although, kinda a lot of green!

  • Daddyo

    Jeez, I was hoping another bank branch would move in there…

  • Ann B Chapin

    or a “Fish Tales” annex!!

  • miriamcb

    I would LOVE a Fish Tales in the neighborhood. That’s a great idea :)

  • WOW

    Isn’t he just copying what City Chemist was trying to do just a few blocks away? Nice. This will be out of business when the lease is up. They are either very wealthy and just wanted to use this as a design trial for other locations or to attract investors for other projects, or are incredibly naïve and just didn’t do any market research…

  • Andrew Porter

    Bunch of old folks right across the street at 101 Clark Street will use this like mad, instead of having to walk to CVS or the many pharmacies on Montague Street.

  • David on Middagh

    I would rather have a nice pharmacy in the spot than a dark hole in the block, but the Gristedes pharmacy counter is even closer to me, and I’ve been happy with them over the years.

  • babs

    It looks like the pharmacies in France. If only they carried the same items!