Ok Brooklyn Heights, Now It’s Time (Sadly) To Pour One Out For Mr. Video III

Early last month, it looked like Clark Street’s Mr. Video III would be able to strike a deal with their landlord and continue on at that location but in a smaller space. Now comes word – via a giant sign in the store’s window – that they will cease operations there at the end of the year.

All titles at the store are on sale with prices starting at $3.99.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Somehow I suspect that the store has not been around for more than 2,000 years…

  • ellymay878

    I am sorry to hear that they are closing. I do enjoy going with my daughter and renting movies we can’t find “on Demand” .When we go we realize that it’s a dying way of renting movies and love it because it’s nostalgic of what my little girl ,who is 21 now , and I would do on a Saturday or Sunday. It was a better experience than just clicking on your selection but that’s innovation,,,so impersonal. The staff is very nice and I am sorry that they will not have jobs.
    The other rental movie store I know of is in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

  • MonroeOrange

    This is a real shame..I think the profound loss of this store won’t be realized until its gone. While i admit its a very difficult business in today’s world, i think all those that say, we need to support Mom and Pop stores, need to actually do just that. How many of those same people order a movie on demand, instead of walking to the store.

    A real loss for this neighborhood, first BoroPhoto, than Two for the Pot and now Mr. Video III…..im starting not to recognize this neighborhood…bring back the 80’s!

    And let’s all patronize and rent video’s and send those hard working guys out with plenty of $ in their pockets over the next few months!

  • brklynmind

    The Mom and Pop slide-rule stores have all closed as well. Its sad because it reflects time passing (which we only have so much of) but in the end it was inevitable.

  • David on Middagh


  • ellymay878

    The VHS movies are being sold @$1 and DVDs start at $7.99 and lower if you buy several. It’s a good time to support them as they leave and a time to stock up on your favorite movies.