Brooklyn Heights Survives The Mysteries of Laura

NBC’s crime drama, “The Mysteries of Laura”, shot on Cranberry, Henry and Orange Streets Friday night (11/7). We caught their support vehicles preparing to take over Henry Street around 5:30pm. By 8:30, traffic was rolling down Cranberry Street while the production shot in front of number 80.

FX’s “The Americans”starring neighborhood resident Keri Russell, shoots in the North Heights on Wednesday.

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  • Fritz

    Sorry I missed it. Looks like they were filming the Heights Cinema instead of showing films at the Heights Cinema.

  • Janina Gavankar

    We were so spread out. Thanks for being so hospitable as we took over the area!
    ~janina (“Meredith”, on Mysteries of Laura)

  • william gilbert

    It’s getting hard. There are many, many production companies who have been filming in the North Heights of late – with more to come this week. We, the actual people who live here, are getting a bit tired of it and we seem to have no choice. (ARE YOU LISTENING MAYOR DeBLASIO? If so, please tell your film office!)

    We need a bit of a break from this and I don’t even own a car! Hope this is not going to happen around the holidays.

    PS to production companies: please remember to take your orange cones, no parking signs and tape (and garbage) with you. Thanks.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Thanks! We love the show! Parking issues…not so much!

  • Anti-Film Crews

    I completely agree. I work for the city and my job requires me to take a car home most days. It is entirely frustrating to see EVERY week a production company is filming throughout the Heights. It becomes incredibly difficult to find parking especially since it is difficult to begin with to find parking in the neighborhood without film crews taking over the streets. The residents in the neighborhood have not had a break in months since the number of film crews shooting have increased dramatically. This is ridiculous. Someone in the Mayor’s Office should be monitoring the number of approved permits for a specific neighborhood in a month’s time. I’m tired of even WAITING on a weekly basis to enter my apartment building because film crews are taking priority of filming or prepping a scene on my block over me, a RESIDENT PAYING RENT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD freely being allowed to enter my home. This has to stop!

  • dontgetsickcynic

    Don’t you know that the Mayor of this city doesn’t care what happens in Brooklyn? It sure is evident to me by the way he double-crossed the LICH supporters.