March to Save LICH Sunday

There will be a march to save Long Island College Hospital this Sunday, October 26. According to the Eagle:

Organizers say the march will start at Nevins Street and Atlantic Avenue and proceed down Atlantic to a rally at roughly 2 p.m. at Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue, with speakers including City Councilmember Steve Levin and Jo Anne Simon, Democratic candidate for the 52nd Assembly District.

In the immortal words of the great Yogi, “It ain’t over….”

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Your friends and neighbors have been fighting to save this hospital for nearly two years. We know that there are many of you that agree that LICH should never have been closed and that it now it should be revived. This is a good time to demonstrate your support.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Here’s more details:

  • jamie

    what are you trying to save, a failing hospital? why not support the NYU/Langone project which will bring a world class facility to Brooklyn and offer the borough services many only go to Manhattan for?

  • jamie

    We should all be overjoyed to have a world class medical facility like NYU/Langone willing to open in this location. It is a boon for the borough and long overdue. Sure, it won’t be everything the opposition wants but it’s a lot better than nothing which was the alternative. LICH was not a viable institution. Brooklyn Hospital is right down the street in Fort Greene. This fuss is unnecessary and misguided.

  • Cindy sm

    NYU/Langone, if as presented, would be
    A godsend for this area. This is like re-
    Placing a exoticar for a broken disease
    Bearing ox cart driven by a nearly blind
    Owner. The really BAD medicine which
    LICH exposed this area to is EXACTLY
    why they lost support and passed on.

    But remember the caviet, as presented..
    This is this city with its wonderful always
    Honest atmosphere so you want to know BIG things like what the staffing levels will be. What kind of emergencies will have to be transported? What diagnostic equip
    Will be in place? we getThe same quality staff as 32nd Street, or are these all the types who “can be spared” BIG questions.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I hope you’ll be very happy with your NYU Langone World Class Urgent Care Center..

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Good luck, Cindy I hope you and your boyfriend will be very happy with your NYU Langone World Class Urgent Care Center..

  • Heights Observer

    Urgent care centers are NOT hospitals. When you are treated at the care center and have to be admitted for further treatment you will not like having to travel great distances to visit a loved one. Trust me, I have just had to attend to patients at both Mount Sinai on 99th and Madison and Methodist in Park Slope. In both situations care could have been easily given at LICH. NYU Langone is not a neighborhood institution. When you have to visit a loved one, night after night after night, you want something close by. I have been treated many times at LI CH and have been very satisfied. I wonder how many of the complainers who rail against LICH have ever been treated there and also wonder how they would like going to Madison and 99th, or some such place, on a daily basis to visit someone because condos took the place of a hospital?

  • miriamcb

    An urgent care center doesn’t solve the actual healthcare issues this side of Brooklyn faces – not just Brooklyn Heights but Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and other places where LICH was legitimately the closest place for help. There is already an urgent care in the neighborhood and now because LICH is closed, the hospital you reference in Fort Greene is busy, busy, busy – to the point where my own physician who is affiliated with Methodist directed me to go into the city when I needed an ER. The funny thing is, I ended up at NYU and had a terrible experience resulting in a formal complaint to the city health department.

  • cindy sm

    Both of the above comments are prime
    Examples of why we have problems
    Like loss of critical public facilities.
    Both are effect focused and NOT cause
    Centered. We need to address the causes
    Of this reduction of safety services. The
    Central reality of any municipal administration anywhere today is the
    DEBT these cities/counties are under.
    With this economy raising taxes is not
    An option and…the banks want to be paid
    FIRST. So any city today is looking to
    Turn to spend able funds any existing
    Facilities they have. This is (duh) basic
    Governmental economics kids. Now
    Add to this once g [D or great institutions
    Which since the sixties which have been
    Run as social change programs and we
    Have the perfect conditions for opportun
    is tic infections like rapacious real estate
    Developers, lobbyists and corrupt political types. And a loss of public resources
    Occurs. But this is only the effect and
    Shallow thinkers catterwailing about the
    Effect will not reverse the loss or prevent
    Further losses..

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Good luck, Cindy. You’ll need it.

  • Doug Biviano

    If you saw the Brooklyn Eagle piece by Mary Frost, here’s my 2 cents:

    Despite the crowd not liking it, John Jasilli, Republican candidate for the 52nd AD hits the nail on the head: ‘ “Democratic officials here have some nerve showing up. They were here during the whole LICH fiasco. Their [sic] were either negligent or complicit,” he accused.’

    You can see it here with Lander defending/spinning his Berlin Rosen/WFP buddy AG Schneiderman here: ‘When asked about the rumor that the state would not sign off on the sale of LICH until after the Nov. 4 election, Lander told the Brooklyn Eagle that local officials ”have not gotten a sense of the timing” of the AG’s and Comptroller’s reviews. “These are not supposed to be political reviews,” he said. “The signoffs are legal due diligence. I trust both of them will comply with their obligation under the law.” ‘

    The point is that if Lander (or Eric Adams for that matter) really wanted to save LICH he could easily lean publicly on his Berlin Rosen/WFP buddy and Mayor Bill de Blasio. They could make it untenable for de Blasio to deflect his complicit role in LICH going down. Most of the politicians like Lander, de Blasio and Adams (city-wide or aspiring city-wide that is) are thrilled about the development of LICH Campus no matter the harm to the community because it means more campaign contributions and political power for them.

  • Cindy sm

    I and my family have had “good luck” with our health care because we intelligently selected the most appropriate care resource for a family of the value and standing typical in this area.

    If one associates with inappropriate individuals or institutions are you properly safeguarding your family?

  • Cindy sm

    ALL of the above is true. And Doug has rendered a MAJOR service bring all this ROT fully into the public view. Why? Because it makes it more difficult for those responsible to simply continue
    To new destructive behaviors.

    But if exams and expose the mechanism of a disaster it does not reverse the disaster NOR does it replace in inadiquate situation or institution with a proper condition.

    We need a world class full hospital facility in place of what LICH was. Think of the value and contributions of the Heights to this City and the region. Think of the Tax revenues which flow from Heights residents. Given this undeniable reality, the Heights deserves a world class teaching faculty…
    But to simply try to resurrect a seriously flawed institution run in large part as a PC social program, that’s grossly irresponsible.

  • Doug Biviano

    Ding dong the LICH is dead…

    Appears the AG and Comptroller are so brazen as to believe they’ll get elected next week regardless of how the LICH community feels, no matter who dies. In other words, they’re flipping us the bird. Like we said during our primary race, the community has been cut out. The election system is so corrupted by special interests, their lobbyists and the press so accommodating that we just don’t matter.

  • Doug Biviano

    Now that LICH officially killed by greasy politicians, we’d better get some fire lanes to both Methodist and Brooklyn Hospitals from all nooks and crannies of our neighborhoods.

    It’s a sad day.

  • grewuphere

    You do realize not everyone in LICH’s footprint for walk in and ambulance emergencies has a ton of money, right?

  • B K

    When you need a HOSPITAL or a REAL emergency room, the best & brightest world class URGENT CARE room cannot save your life no matter how great it is. URGENT care is NOT EMERGENCY LIFE_SAVING care. Lotsaluck people.

  • B K

    Hello. ALL emergencies will have to be transported. That’s what happens in URGENT Care rooms. They don’t handle EMERGENCIES because real emergencies need the services of a HOSPITAL

  • B K

    What a stuck-up snob you sound like. OMG. How far do you have to look down your nose to see the rest of us?

  • B K

    Do you understand that you are NOT getting a FULL HOSPITAL, world class or any other class. NYU is NOT going to be putting a hospital of any kind in place of LICH. They won’t even be running a real emergency room & there won’t be any life-saving emergency care of any class in NYU’s urgent care department either.